Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Judy Garland Molested by Munchkins

Judy Garland, old Hollywood icon and "Wizard of Oz" star Dorothy, was reportedly molested by munchkins, this according to her ex-husband, Sid Luft. The book Judy and I: My Life with Judy Garland available on March 1st, details times when munchkin actors would put their hands up her dress and terrorize her. Only 17 at the time, Judy Garland was helpless and this might explain her early demise, at the age of 47, due to a drug overdose. 

Tales of debauchery from the set have long been rumored in Hollywood, including orgies and heavy partying with munchkin actors because they has never been around so many people like them. RIP Judy Garland.

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