Monday, November 7, 2016

Ashley Benson Tries To Go Incognito in New York

We love us some buttahbenzo. These aren't the most flattering pictures of Ashley Benson. Ashley was playing her New York "idgaf" look very well on Saturday. Hannah Marin wouldn't be caught dead looking like this.
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Kendall Jenner Has a Face Tattoo

Kendall Jenner has a new tattoo. A face tattoo. Tattoo artist @jonboy revealed the word "meow" on Kendall Jenner's bottom lip on his Instagram a few weeks ago. It turns out, Kendall got the tattoo back in July and wasn't going to tell anyone. Because no one will ever see a face tattoo. Wonder the meaning of this one?
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Taylor Swift- the Newest Target of Family Guy

Taylor Swift was the latest target of Family Guy's most recent episode. On the show, she dates Chris, explains her failed relationships and knack for writing songs about them and gets booed off stage. They say no publicity is bad publicity... right?

Here are all the Taylor parts for you Swifties who only want to see her

Youtube Credit to - DailycrazyVids01
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Kendall Jenner Supports Hillary Clinton

Election Day 2016 is looming and countries all over the world are sitting on the edge of their seats, as the results will have global ramifications from countries like Russia to Japan to France. With a simple Instagram post sporting boyfriend jeans and a crop-top saying "VOTE," Kendall Jenner has told us who she supports. Hillary Clinton (would we really expect her to support Donald Trump?) The post was simply titled, "her her her her." Kendall makes voting look good!

Source-Kendall Jenner's Instagram
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Bella Hadid Accidentally Loses Weight...

Many women can relate to fluctuating weight and losing their boobs and butt. Maybe Bella Hadid just got a little bit more relatable. Not through diet pills or exercise, the newly anointed Victoria's Secret Model and sister of supermodel GiGi Hadid, Bella says she accidentally lost too much weight, in the process, losing her butt and breasts! Fans have speculated on her skinny appearance.

So what is Bella's largest insecurity? “I wish my ass was bigger,” she told People magazine, She also misses her breasts as well! WE THINK they all look fine!

We think she looks just fine!
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2016 EMAs, Beyonce Snubbed, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd & Drake win big

Last night were the MTV European Music Awards and there were a few surprises... and snubs! Beyonce, who was nominated more than any other artist, did not receive a single award! We think were her seventy-something Grammy's, she will be okay!

Justin Bieber won three awards for best Canadian act, best song (no one can argue with "Sorry," which infiltrated our radio stations for a solid year, and best fans!

Drake won best in hip hop and The Weeknd won for his new video with Daft Punk called Starboy.

Do you agree with the results? Seems like Canada was the real winner tonight!
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