Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Britney Smiles

Britney Spears was all smiles as she left the B2V Salon in Beverly Hills. Her extensions have improved but she still has a ways to go, maybe she should consult Paris Hilton's people. Read more!

Stir Up

We haven't seen much of Selma Blair lately, she appears in the new Hellboy film and is currently on the promotional circuit for her.

Possibly to drum up some publicity, Selma was seen wearing a sheer shirt and no bra that made her breasts completely visible. Oops! Read more!

Lover and Friend

Oprah Winfrey and girlfriend Gayle King are currently in Italy where they are vacationing.

Oprah just got off of a much publicized 21 day detox, looks like it didn't work well becasue Oprah has been packing on the pounds since getting off of it. It's not the best publicity for the creator who claimed it would completely curb sugar craving and keep weight off. Read more!


Finally, pictures of Jamie-Lynn Spears and her newborn baby Maddie Briann have been released.

OK Magazine got the official interview and pictures. It seems people have lost interest in Jamie, she became an full-blown tabloid celebrity when her pregnancy was announced but now people don't seem to care. Read more!

Amy Has Her Fun

Crack addict Amy Winehouse had a little but of fun on the streets of London today. She made strange gestures, looked bugged out and assaulted a man with her filthy hand.

Just another day for the Wino. Read more!

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