Monday, July 7, 2008

Drew and Justin Split

Before anyone even speculated about their separation, Drew Barrymore's rep confirmed to Us Weekly that Drew and Justin Long have split up.

The two were seen out clubbing just last week. Maybe Drew felt that his influence on her was a negative one. Read more!

Tara Reid Bikini

Dear Tara Reid,
Bikinis are NOT your friend! No matter how weight you lose or working out you do, that botched tummy tuck will always be evident!
Gossip Genius

Tara posed with ex-boyfriend J.C Chasez at a Fourth of July BBQ. Read more!

Pregnancy Blues?

Although reports say Ashlee Simpson is miserable during the early stages of her pregnancy, she looked very happy while shopping with Pete Wentz in Hollywood.

Maybe its the fact that shes an attention whore and that she loves to get photographed. Read more!

Guess the Butt!

Which "celebrity" was seen filling up her gas tank? She has no butt!

It's "The Hills" star and designer, Lauren Conrad! Instead of fillin her gas tank, she should work on filling in her shorts!
Read more!

A-Rod Divorce Update

Cynthia Rodriguez, wife of New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, officially filed for divorce today.

Good luck to Alex Rodriguez because this bitch is hungry for money (surprise, surprise). She's asking for their 6 million dollar Miami mansion, their Maybach car, for him to relieve her debts and pay her attorney fees. She also wants alimony, sole custody of the children and child support.

With A-rod's annual salary totaling almost 30 million dollars a year, this could get costly! She also wants them to disregard the prenuptial agreement.

Gold diggers are s predictable! Read more!

On The Right Track

Britney Spears and Madonna are definitely teaming up. The two are filming a video for Madonna's "Sticky and Sweet" tour, it has been confirmed by Brit's manager, Larry Rudolph Larry also said that Britney will not be appearing on Madonna's tour which begins in late August. Read more!


I don't want to think about Flavor Flav having sex - EVER.

In a revealing interview, Flavor Flav stated that he lost his virginity at six. SIX YEARS OLD!

Bad mental pictures.. nothing more to say. Read more!

Forgot They Existed?

The couple we all forgot existed, Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey were seen at an airport returning from vacation. Seldom do we see them but when we, it seems they are always on vacation.

The money that Nick Lachey stole from Jessica Simpson has got to be running out. The two have no real source of income and life is going to get rough when Nick's divorce money runs out! Read more!

Baby Congrats

Nicole Kidman gave birth, it has been confirmed. With husband Keith Urban at her side, Nicole Kidman had a baby girl in Nashvile today.

Nicole's pregnancy was classified as high risk and some gossip sites speculated that she wore a prosthetic stomach and had a surrogate mother. Read more!

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