Friday, June 20, 2008

We Love Adriana!

We love a supermodel that eats! Adriana Lima dug into some pasta and potatoes as she dined with a male friend at Da Silvanos in New York City.

Adriana was all smiles as she ate, maybe news of her recent engagement has got her feeling good! Read more!

Switchin' It Up!

Britney Spears is switchin' it up! Not her look, she still looks awful wearing highwater pants, ankle boots and a stained shirt. Not her extensions either, they still look like a rats nest.

Britney has gone from hanging out at Los Angeles gas stations to kickin' it at Louisiana gas stations.

It's alright Britney, I'll love you no matter what gas station you decide to spend all of your time at. Read more!

Guess Who!

Guess which celebrity did a great of covering their face?
Okay, that was pretty easy. Cameron Diaz tried to shield her makeup-less face from the paparazzi yesterday but failed. Its alright Cam, you are busted with or without makeup!
Read more!

Not Tara!

Here's a shocker! We caught Tara Reid outside of a Los Angeles club last night looking drunk, confused and ugly! The next time you are feeling bad about your career, think about Tara's. Its nonexistent! Read more!

Lindsay Is Hot

Lindsay Lohan was so hot yesterday that she decided to give the paparazzi a little show! Lindsay was filming a baseball scene for her movie "Labor Pains" where she plays a woman who pretends to be pregnant just for attention. That stomach sure doesn't look pregnant! Read more!

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