Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Plug And TMI

Attention world, Sean "Diddy" Combs waxes his genitals! He provided us with yet another gem of a quote this week. He managed to give us TMI while plugging his new fragrance!

"I wax my privates. I also wear my fragrance, Unforgivable Black." Read more!

Keira Sings Like A Pre-Pubescent Boy!

"I went to voice coaching. I was absolutely terrified. I thought my legs were going to buckle and on the first couple of takes I sounded like a pubescent boy! I didn't realise I was going to have to do it live," she told BANG Showbiz.

Keira, the bigger problem is that you have the body of a pubescent boy as well!
source Read more!

Missing Sam?

Lindsay Lohan was seen on the set of her new film Labor Pains chatting on her phone. Perhaps Lindsay was talking to girlfriend Sam Ronson who is currently across the country.

Word has it that Lindsay's work ethic has been amazing on this new film which is great because she needs to rebuild her reputation Read more!

Squash 'em

Britney Spears sure isn't doing anything to squash those pregnancy rumors! With a protruding stomach and horrible extensions, the pop star exited Sur Restaurant with her new daddy-approved posse. Read more!


Rihanna appeared on TRL yesterday and unveiled yet another outfit from her slutty dominatrix line.

That hair, the leather clothing, Rihanna is just so edgy! Read more!


Remember this Z-Lister? If you don't, I don't blame you!

Kristin Cavallari attended the 19th Annual Much Music Video Awards in Toronto Sunday night. Something tells me Kristin is just as irrelevant in Canada as she is in the United States! Read more!

Bobble head

We haven't seen much of Keira Knightley lately but don't fret, she still looks like a bobble head doll!

The British actress was seen exiting BBC Radio 1 earlier today. Keira's new movie The Edge of Love (which originally starred Lindsay Lohan) is due out in the UK this weekend. Read more!

Post 2007 Mischa

Mischa Barton made an appearance at the Viktor and Rolf exhibition in London yesterday and she looked about as good as the post 2007 Mischa Barton can look.

Now sit and remember the days when Mischa was stunning.
Read more!

Access Denied!

Paris Hilton attempted to by a new Yorkshire Terrier from a Los Angeles dog store this weekend but she was denied! Why did Ms. Hilton want the puppy? She just wanted to use it for a photo shoot!

Don't feel bad for Paris who was investigated by Animal Services, she owns over 15 dogs and doesn't even live with them! Rumor has it that Paris had a tendency to accidentally leave the puppiers in closets and then go on vacations. You can guess what happened to the poor things. Read more!

Boo Hoo

Anne Hathaway split with her boyfriend of four years, Raffaello Follieri this weekend, we can confirm.

This coincides with the news that New York State's Attorney General was investigating his charity Follieri Foundation from stealing money!

Anne's new film Get Smart, also starring Steve Carrell comes out this weekend. Read more!

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