Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Happened To Mischa?

What happened to Mischa Barton? As the star of the hit show The O.C in 2003, Mischa was a gorgeous IT girl who everyone wanted a piece of. Mischa is no longer a fresh faced beauty and has resorted to attending red carpet events with the likes of the Kardashian sisters. Not only that but she dresses like a tramp and has a hideous haircut! Read more!

More Woes

It's a new week but Hilary Duff is still dressing like an idiot! The fashion victim may be trying to set new fashion trends but she is failing miserably. Read more!


The normally poised Angelina Jolie was in no mood to be photographed as she entered a Hollywood restaurant on Thursday. Sadly, her arms and legs still look like toothpicks but pregnancy has given her amazing cleavage! Read more!


We just knew that Jessica Alba would get really big during her pregnancy! The terrible actress was seen leaving a Los Angeles Home yesterday. Jessica Alba is set to give birth in one to two months. Read more!

...Stay In Britain

After dining with her younger brother Alfie in London, pop singer Lily Allen declared that she gives great head. Yes, with her brother. So far, the one hit wonder has stayed in the spotlight by bitching in her blog and having personal drama. That's okay, as long as no more of her songs are played on the radio, the world will be a better place! Read more!


The movie will not start filming for quite awhile but Sylvester Stallone is said to have begun casting for a new film he is involved with about tortured poet, Edgar Allan Poe. The top pick? Viggo Mortensen! Minus Sylvester Stallone's involvement, this could turn out to be a cool flick! Read more!

Like High School Girl

It's hard to believe that Ashley Tisdale will be turning 23 in a few months! She stars in the High School Musical franchise and dresses like every other high school Paris Hilton wannabe in the world. From the matching sweatsuit to the little dog to the Louis Vuitton dog carrier, one might think this was 2003! Read more!

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