Monday, April 7, 2008


British supermodel Kate Moss is enjoying her time in Malibu with her adorable daughter, Lila Grace. The two went for a Starbucks run on Saturday, lets hope she isn't feeding her daughter coffee like Britney! Read more!

Idol Gives Back!

The stars came out for the 2nd Annual Idol Gives Back fundraising special last night. The show will air on FOX Wednesday night on 9PM ET!

Brad Pitt was the biggest star of the night and he received the largest applause!

Mariah Carey, not longer Mooriah but still super fugly!

Fuggie Fug.

Worthless child star Miley Cyrus and her plastic surgery nightmare mother. Read more!

Losing Her Friends!

Victoria Beckham is losing her friends, according to Showbiz News. Since moving to America, she has lost her best friend, hair stylist Ben Cooke and most of her English friends. Her main goal is to become more famous by associating herself with other celebrities.

It's hard to believe that someone so self-involved could have any friends to begin with! Read more!

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