Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coming To America

Kate Moss has landed! The British model arrived at LAX Airport with her daughter Lila Grace only to be mobbed by photographers. Things got so hectic that she received a polic escort out of the airport. I love me some Kate Moss but she is not looking cute in these pictures. Here's hoping we get a few fabulous sets of candids from Los Angeles! Read more!

Kids Choice Awards

The Kids Choice Awards always host a bevy of irrelevant child stars but occasionally, a few big stars come through to show some love. Here they are!

Jessica Alba was in the house looking pregnant and happy. It's nice that she can pretend like she isn't a total bitch when she is around children.. hideous dress by the way.

"Bad asses" Rihanna and Ashlee Simpson looked like little girls who got into their mothers wardrobes. Hair in your face, lots of eyeliner and funky colored nail polish does not make you a bad ass!

Children at heart Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz appeared at the show and while Ashton looks sexy, Cameron is starting to show her age!

Jennifer Love Hewitt posed backstage with Abigail Breslin. Supposedly she's lost weight. I'm not seeing it. Read more!


Oh how we love the talentless stars of "The Hills". Audrina Patridge, who's nude model photos were leaked last week, was invited to perform at PURE Nightclub with the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls. She may we worthless but she looks a lot better than Paris Hilton in the outfit! Read more!

Guess The Celebrity Cellulite!

Which young celebrity has a bad case of cellulite (and fashion sense)?
It's Mischa Barton of course! The out of shape OC starlet showed off her cellulite in ugly gym shorts as she headed to a restaurant to eat with DJ Samantha Ronson! Lindsay Lohan is the jealous type, I wonder what she thought about that!
Read more!

Learning From The Best

Digital spy says that in an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Rumer, 18, admitted she used to have a crush on Kutcher, who married Moore in 2005.

"I had a poster of Ashton when my mum and he met, so I can appreciate the fact that he is a handsome man, but he is my stepdad, and he has given me a healthy perspective on relationships."

Rumer also described her stepfather as "a mentor", explaining: "I look up to him and try to emulate the way he lives".

Good for her but she will never be like Ashton. For one thing, she's ugly!! Read more!

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