Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heidi and the Gang

Heidi Klum, her usual gang of five nannies and her children Leni, Henry and Johan had a fun day at the park yesterday. Heidi couldn't have seemed less interested though, the supermodel spent the majority of her time talking on the telephone. Read more!

LAX Arrival

For the apst year, Jessica Simpson's career has been going nowhere and fast! The Texan singer arrived at LAX after spending some time on the East Coast with beau Tony Romo. It's a sad day when you have to use a stuffed animal to get photographed. Read more!

If It Looks Like A Whore..

Rihanna's wardrobe stylist alone is probably financially supporting 10 hookers!

Look at this crap! It's just the latest whorish costume to be implemented in a Rihanna concert. RiRi performed in Moscow, Russia last night. Read more!


Hilary Duff went for her daily Starbucks run looking much better than we've seen her in the past week. Leggings and white tank.. it's hard to go wrong!

Hilary hasn't been doing too much lately but her movie War Inc. with John Cusack will be released at the Tribeca Film Festival in April! Read more!


People Magazine is reporting that Jamie Lynn Spears has been flashing an engagement ring from boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Poor Jamie Lynn probably had to buy her own engagement ring like Britney Spears. Read more!

Another Fug

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have some ugly children. Their youngest daughter Tallulah Belle Willis is no exception! She used to be the cute one out of the bunch but I don't think her Hunchback of Notre Dame posture is helping matters.

Demi, Bruce, Bruce's young girlfriend and Tallulah were on hand for the movie premiere of "Flawless" in New York City. Read more!

Kerr Bloom Out

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr were seen holding hands in Southern California last night as they went to get dinner with friends. Maybe Miranda Kerr can lend Orlando Bloom some Victoria's Secret grooming products because lord knows he needs it!

PS - Is KerrBloom really the best couple name people could come up with?! Read more!

People Love Her!

As many of you know, Britney Spears' guest starred on an episode of How I Met Your Mother last night on CBS. Not only was her performance a hit but it scored How I Met Your Mother with its highest ratings ever.

Brit's still got it! Read more!

Paris.. Y U So Smart?

As predicted, Paris Hilton has learned a lot from her trip to Africa. The heir head said "I love Africa in general — South Africa and West Africa, they are both great countries.”

Next time Paris should save the money it took to get her to South Africa and just donate it. Such a waste of air! Read more!

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