Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I understand that Jennifer Lopez just had twins but.. her face! Maybe some botched plastic surgery after the birth? J Lo and her possessive husband Marc Anthony made their first public outing in New York City since the birth of their baby girls. Read more!

Broken Record

No, we haven't posted these pictures before, Jessica Alba is just doing the same tired pose as she enters a gym on Tuesday.

She sure works out a lot, but look at that gut! She'd better start doing double the cardio! Read more!

It's Gonna Be A Girl!

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott are expecting a girl! The two already have a young son. Here's hoping the little lady doesn't end up looking ANYTHING like Tori Spelling!! Read more!


Shia Labeouf is in some trouble! He was caught illegally smoking sometime last month and neither him nor his attorney showed up at court to face the charges! Now, a pretrial date has been set up for April 24th and a bench warrant has been issued for the actor's arrest. I wonder is Shia Labeouf is shaping up to be Hollywood's next bad boy? Read more!

Fergie Ferg Preggie Preg?

The rumors about Fergie's pregnancy are seeming more and more true. Fergie and her fiance Josh Duhamel were seen at a Japanese restaurant and Fergie's face looked very bloated, as well as her tummy! Maybe she's back on drugs, that would be a better alternative than mixing her horrifying genes with the superior ones of Josh Duhamel! Read more!

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