Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wham Bam Thank You Stam!

Jessica Stam looked like the epitome of perfection at the American Museum of Natural History winter dance. Let's hope Stam gets it together, we wouldn't want for her to lose anymore campaigns due to her drug use! Read more!

Stay Away From Britney!

Kim Kardashian wants to give Britney Spears a makeover! In a posting on her video blog, Kim said: "I would love, love, love to give Britney Spears a makeover. I think everyone wants to give her a makeover. But I think that she is so cute and sweet and has a great style. But it's all fallen apart and it's a mess now. I would love to bring her back to where she used to be."

Kim had better stay away from Britney, all she needs are sex tapes of men peeing on her! Read more!

Deny, Deny, Deny!

Nicky Hilton is denying any rumors of an eating disorder, probably because her real problem is a cocaine addiction!

She could have come up with a better excuse than this!

There's no truth to any starvation, eating disorders, rumors," she told PEOPLE Tuesday at her Nicholai fashion show, part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in L.A.

"I think the press has been printing a lot of pictures of me from unflattering angles. My friends see the pictures and they're like 'Oh my god are you okay?' And then they see me, and they're like 'Oh ... ' It's really not that interesting or true."
Read more!

Another Suice Attempt?

The 911 tapes have been released of Heather Locklear's doctor telling police that her client (Heather Locklear) was feeling suicidal. It all went down on Saturday night and paramedics came and left within 10 minutes. Read more!


Steve-O's life has never exactly been "together" but his life is in more disarray than ever! The Jackass star is currently being held at the Thalians Mental Health hospital after allegedly threatening to commit suicide. Not only that, but he has just been charged by the LAPD with felony possession of cocaine! Read more!

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