Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fab and Annoying

Kate Beckinsale is fabulous and gorgeous but the woman, picture above in NYC yesterday, cannot keep her mouth shut!

Her latest quote?

“I can’t do raw. I can’t do sushi, even. Anything that has that vaginal quality to it. I’d rather an actual vagina than that, honestly."
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Who's Hardcore?

Which biker babe is this? Too easy, it's recently divorced singer and lesbian, P!nk! Read more!

This is LA Fashion Week

LA Fashion Week should be abolished. You won't see the Olsen twins, Anna Wintour or Nicole Richie at these shoes. The best "style icon" you will see is Jenna Jameson and the "all star" show is that of Lauren Conrad.

Speaking of Jenna, from a distance she is looking better but don't click on the image to enlarge it. You've been warned! Read more!

This Isn't The First Time

Brandon Davis isn't just famous for his Lindsay Lohan firecrotch rant, he also frequently gets kicked out of hotels! Us Magazine reports that

Wearing a headband, the oil heir, who appeared to be under the influence, "was lying on a couch in the bar, making a scene," the source says.

After about 20 minutes, he was asked to leave. A pal then escorted him out of the hotel.
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After looking uncomfortably big for a few months, Melissa Joan Hart gave birth to a baby boy at 3 PM PT, sources say. The baby, a so, was named Braydon Hart Wilkerson. Mom is said to be resting comfortably at an LA hospital. Read more!

Ashlee Is Nuts

Ashlee Simpson is on the cover of the new Us Weekly and the magazine is just full of contradictions!

To start, she talks about her rhinoplasty saying "I was never really unhappy with how I looked, I don't think I am more beautiful than I was."

If she was so content with her looks, why did she get a nose job?!

The cover also says 'How a Makeover Changed My Life'.

Once again, if she was so content with her looks prior to all the plastic surgery, weight loss and hair dying, why did she get all the plastic surgery, weight loss and hair dying? Read more!

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