Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Left Rehab

Eva Mendes has left the Cirque Lodge Rehabilitation Center where she was receiving treatment for unknown issues. The actress was already seen working and heading to meetings in NYC. Time to try and ca$h in by spilling your heart out to a tabloid! Read more!

Attn Whore

Kim Kardashian is about as big of an attention whore as Heidi Montag. She invited the paparazzi along to watch her eat an ice cream cone. Most celebs want the paparazzi to photograph them eating just to PROVE that they actually eat something. With Kim Kardashian, it isn't a concern.. it's obvious that she eats a lot! Watching her tranny makeup melt off her face would be much more entertaining. Read more!

Lindsay Busy

Lindsay Lohan had a usy day yesterday, she went to a Paper Magazine event in support of her buddy Jeremy Scott and she stopped by XIV Jewelry where she hopefully got some free jewels. Lindsay should pull a Britney and STAY in for a day! Read more!

Boobs Suck!

Even when she was fatter, Nicole Richie has always had a flat chest! Pregnancy has given her new found breasts and while Joel is enjoying them, Nicole hates them! Nicole told OK Magazine

"I am bustier now and I really don't like it. It doesn't really fit with my wardrobe, it's not who I am. I am not someone who is used to wearing a bra or having to wear a bra. I really don't like it. I like wearing vintage hippy see-through shirts that aren't slutty on me because there is nothing to look at. Now I have boobs so I can't really wear it because it sends out a different message."

Priceless! Read more!

Tragic News

After rumors circlutated all day, Patrick Swayze has admitted that he is suffering from pancreatic cancer. The prognosis is said to be very dire, sufferers only live an average of six to nine. His rep is saying that the timeframe is inaccurate and that they are optimistic. Optimism is the best road to take and the world's prayers are with him! Read more!

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