Monday, March 3, 2008

Paris Has A Reason!

Paris Hilton recently fueled the accusations about her animal abuse after admitting on Ellen that she had 17 dogs. SEVENTEEN! There are also rumors that she closes her dogs in closets, forgets about them and that her maids find the dead little things. So what is Paris' reason for having so many dogs?

She says:

They keep having babies and I feel bad to give them away because I feel like, if I had a baby and someone gave it away it would be mean.

Apparently Paris has never heard of neutering or spaying. Speaking of which, someone should spay her before she continues to spread that herpes around! Read more!


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Go, Drew!!

On Monday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Drew Barrymore announced that she would be donating 1 million dollars to the World Food Programme which works to help feed starving children in Africa. Even for a Hollywood actress, that donation is HUGE and Drew sets a great example for other wealthy people. Read more!

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