Sunday, March 2, 2008


Christina Aguilera's producer told reporters that her new album will be all pop! This is exciting for fans who didn't care for her blues/jazz influenced last album, Back To Basics. Maybe we can expect another Stripped which was phenomenal! Read more!

Chic In Black

Eva Longoria looked tres chic as she made her way through LAX airport yesterday. I wonder what she's doing, shooting on the show Desperate Housewives just resumed on Thursday and I know we're all anxious for new episodes! Read more!

Crazy Show

Galliano shows can be pretty crazy but Mary-Kate Olsen dressed pretty demurely at their Paris show yesterday. MK looked all official with a notepad and a pen.. it seems like she really enjoys fashion unlike some celebs (Rihanna) who don't understand fashion and just go to get their picture taken! Read more!

Colin Knows How To Party!

Hollywood hellraiser Colin Farrell has admitted he is hooked on taking Russian-style steam baths while covered in honey.

The star, who kicked a deadly drug habit, found his new addiction while filming in New York.

He was a daily visitor to the 10th Street Russian and Turkish Baths where guests are smothered in honey before steaming.

Farrell, 31, went on to use one of the few bathhouses in Belgium while shooting his new movie In Bruges. He is now a regular at Los Angeles bathhouses.

He told GQ magazine: "There's something very basic about rubbing honey on your skin and going steaming with a bunch of strange Russian men."

Farrell admitted he went to rehab to get off ecstasy, cocaine, speed, Jack Daniels and wine.

source Read more!

Poor Linds

Forbes Magazine is saying that Lindsay Lohan deserved at least $500,000 for the pictures she did reenacting Marilyn Monroe's infamous last photoshoot. The problem? Lindsay did it for FREE! For someone who is supposedly desperate for money, she isn't being very smart about getting it! Read more!

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