Saturday, February 23, 2008

This Makes Even Less Sense

Are the Oscars a joke this year? Also at this years Academy Awards rehearsal was Miley Cyrus. That's right people, Hannah freakin' Montana! Two questions, why the hell is a Disney star at the Oscars and why is her face so BIG? Read more!


We all know Jessica Alba is an "actress" but we also all know she sucks and that no one takes her seriously. My question? What the HELL was she doing at the Academy Awards rehearsal today? Read more!

Return To LA

After doing tons of promotions overseas in Europe, Colin Farrell arrived back in LA just in time for the Oscars tomorrow! Here's hoping Colin shaves for the event! Read more!

Need To Get Me Some Attention!

Our girl Hilary Duff has been photographed leaving clubs even more than Lindsay Lohan for the past few months but apparently the attention is not enough! In a bid for even more attention, Hilary Duff ate out at Mr. Chows. Another interesting thing, everytime we see her, the Duffster looks kinda wasted making those rumors of her cocaine use seem more and more true! Read more!

It Isn't Anorexia Nervosa!

For anyone who thinks Hollywood's skinny-minnie starlets don't eat—especially right before the Oscars—you should have lunch with Kate Beckinsale.

"I'm starving," Beckinsale said when she sat down at this afternoon's Los Angeles Confidential magazine luncheon in her honor, at the Mondrian hotel's Asia de Cuba restaurant. "I'm just gonna shove it all in!"

And that she did. The British beauty didn't hold back, enjoying—ready?—tuna tartar, calamari salad and black bean and chickpea dumplings, hearty pieces of Alaskan butterfish and chicken palomilla and even some helpings of side dishes like plantain fried rice with avocado salad.

Calories aside, she showed off her stunningly in-shape physique in a Michael Kors minidress. She did the same last night in a vintage YSL (above) at the Art of Elysium benefit at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Kate has had eating disorders in the past and that doesn't sound like Anorexia.. it sounds like Bulimia!
source Read more!

It's Official, Official

As if it weren't already official enough, Angelina Jolie debuted her pregnant belly in all of it's glory at the Independent Spirit Awards. It certainly came from nowhere which seems to support the rumor that Angelina is pregnant with twins. She still hasn't made an official announcement but the pictures speak for themselves. Read more!

Congrulations Lindsay!

Lindsay Lohan won an acting award! Okay, so the award she won was a Razzie for worst acting and it's not exactly desirable but at least she set a record! She picked up eight of the things which is a record. No press is bad press! Read more!

Can't Keep Her Down

Paris Hilton just has to stay in the headlines! What now? The socialite is reportedly dating Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden. Yeah, the twin of Nicole Richie's man! Benji's engagement just ended last week, Paris loves to steal men! I feel bad for Nicole, they may be nice in public but Nicole really doesn't like Paris! Read more!

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