Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cassie Sean John

Cassie turned heads in a tight yellow dress at the Sean John Fall 2008 show at New York fashion week. We all know Cassie fucks for tracks and even hooked up with Diddy for a record deal. Make that money, honey! Read more!

Kevin Federline Pot Head

Kevin Federline was Marc Jacobs' special guest at New York Fashion Week and I think it's safe to say that this was the only party K-Fed has ever been invited to without the aid of Britney Spears.

Kevin is a useless piece of shit, he is obviously high as hell, he couldn't even put the blunt down to attend a party? It's funny to see him trying to socialize with celebs, they clearly want nothing to do with him. He also weaseled his way into the Sean John show. Read more!

The Verizon/ People Party Honoring Timbaland

The Verizon Wireless and People Magazine party honoring Timbaland was the place to be last night! In addition to Lindsay Lohan, the event was littered with celebrities.

Paris Hilton attended and wore an item from her line of bitches with gigantic man feet.

Miley Cyrus wore lots of makeup (she needs it) and was dressed inappropriately for her young age of 15.

Fergie looked like her normal trailer trash self from the neck up but from the neck down, she looked rather presentable!

Kim Kardashian looked like a bitch who gets pissed on for fame, her sister Kourtney Kardashian looked very cute.

Christina Milian looked gorgeous, too bad that's all she is good at! Read more!

Dressed To Kill

Lindsay Lohan was dressed to kill at the Verizon Wireless and People Magazine party at the Avalon in Hollywood last night. Lindsay seemed to get a burst of confidence from her dark locks, she looks good and she knows it! Read more!

Not In Rehab?

The head of Cirque Lodge rehabilitation facility in Utah is stating that Kirsten Dunst is not in their rehab. The paparazzi haven't seen Kirsten since the Sundance Film Festival and it is believed that she is in treatment SOMEWHERE but we aren't sure where. Read more!

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