Friday, February 8, 2008

Brad Renfro

The Los Angeles Medical Examiner officially released Brad Renfro's cause of death today, it was from acute intoxication from an accidental heroin overdose. Brad was reportedly trying to get clean but he didn't got to a drug rehab center. Read more!

Drunk Whore

Professional drunk whore and partier Paris Hilton thought it was necessary to show off her singing "skills" at a Boston Club last night.

If you've never heard Paris Hilton sing live at a club, thank your stars. She does it often and the bitch can't sing! Her drunk voice is enough to make you want to shove 9 inch nails in your ears and then come back for more. Read more!

What Rock?

What rock was Sienna Miller hiding under? The British actress made her trimphant return to the red carpet by attending the The London Film Critics Circle Awards in her native country. She didn't stay long, the star was seen with boyfriend Rhys Ifans at LAX airport today! Read more!

An Interesting Night?

Mischa Barton looked pretty at the VIPER Awards in Berlin, Germany today. Her gigantic heels did wonders for her already long legs. But Mischa wasn't alone! Z-lister and fugly Kimberley Stewart was also there!

If you can recall, Kimberley HATES Mischa because Mischa dated the same guy as her, Cisco Adler. Kimberley even had her friend Paris Hilton send harassing phone calls to Mischa's cell phone.

Poor Kimberley probably thought that if she went to a foreign country she would get all the attention. She didn't bank on getting overshadowed by Mischa Barton! Read more!

Thank You Lindsay!!

This absolutely MAKES OUR NIGHT! Lindsay Lohan chose a James Blunt concert to debut her new dark hair color. If there's one celebrity who's hair color we care about, it's hers.. I can't say enough about it! The blonde hair makes her resemble her mother Dina Lohan and it washes her out. Although I'm fairly certain she'll go back to that color eventually, we'll enjoy the fierce hair for now! Read more!

Ron Weasley!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has just begun shooting and photos from the highly-anticipated movie set are trickling in! Our favorite ginger Ron Weasley or Rupert Grint was seen weathering the storm. Out of the children, Rupert is the best actor and Ron is the most comical character. He needs more screentime, we say! Read more!

Weird Relationship

We get that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore remain close for the sake of their children but DAMN, how about some distance? Bruce and his youngest hoe girlfriend just had to attend Ashton Kutcher's 30th birthday at a New York Club. Read more!

Yes, Yes, Yes

The U.S Government denied Amy Winehouse's request of a Visa yesterday but today, they just changed their mind! Amy's rep says she still will NOT be traveling to Americe for the Grammy's but instead will be performing over satellite. Read more!

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