Monday, February 4, 2008

It's Official

We've received no confirmation from Alessandra Ambrosio herself, but pictures taken of her at a Miami photoshoot has pretty much confirmed that the model is expecting. In a black swimsuit, a baby bump was clearly visible.. looks like we can expect not to see her in the 2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. That's a blow to Ale fans worldwide! Read more!

It's Not Fashion Week

It's not Fashion Week until an Olsen twin shows up! So far, the celebrity showing at New York Fashion Week has been pretty lackluster, maybe now that the Super Bowl festivities have ended the stars will make their way to Manhattan. Ashley Olsen took in the Miss Sixty show with actresses like Chloe Sevigny, Anne Hathaway and Milla Jovovich. Read more!

Heidi Montag's New Music Video!

No this isn't a joke, but it should be! Heidi Montag's new music video is vomit-inducing so you'd better think twice before viewing. Oh, and it was directed by Spencer Pratt! Read more!

What Has Orlando Helped You Do?!

Courtney Love has credited actor Orlando Bloom with helping her to stay off drugs.

The singer said Bloom changed her life by introducing her to Buddhist chanting.

She told Access Hollywood: "We chant every day. The 12-step programme demands that you have a spiritual practice that you do daily."

The 43-year-old added: "I love Orlando for this. He doesn't mind being outed as a Buddhist. I don't mind talking about it because it has changed my entire life, changed everything - restructured my body, restructured my physicality. Truly I can, not all the time, but I can take joy at really s****y situations." Read more!

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