Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Children

With a Joker smile that would scare little children, Lindsay lohan looked overjoyed and orange as she exited Cipriani's. I wonder if she's back on coke or if she's drinking because being that happy about being followed isn't normal, even for Lindsay standards. Her outfit is pretty damn fabulous though, work that faux fur! Read more!

Too Much Herpes To Handle!

Both Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba appeared on TRL today, can you handle all of that herpes? The STD infected women who are both known for being on the moody side were interviewed for their various products. While Jessica Alba managed to get the audience on her side by putting on a fake smile, Parisite Hilton coudln't be bothered and the audience members looked less than interested in her. Read more!

Happy and Sad

Naomi Campbell was all smiles in Berlin where she spoke at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week press conference today. She didn't seem too phased by the fact that her former assistant committed suicide just a day before. Jade Bien-Aimee Sutherland jumped off a London bridge to his death yesterday at just 28 years old. Read more!

Eva Has Jessica's Back!

Talk about parallel lives: Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson both cheer a guy named "Tony" who wears a number 9 for a Texas team.

"When I first started dating Tony (Parker), I got the same flack, and this was so many years ago that people don't remember," Longoria told PEOPLE on Saturday. "If he had a bad game, it was my fault, if he got injured, it was my fault, if he had a good game, it wasn't because of me."

Longoria's advice to her fellow Texan: "You have to weather that for a while, and once people get over it, they kind of get used to you."

Simpson, 27, got ribbed by Cowboy fans when Romo, 27, had a bad late-season game while she was in the stadium, but Longoria says Simpson can learn from the happily married Desperate Housewives star.

"Believe me, they are not thinking of us when they are on the field, particularly Tony Romo, who has 10 linemen coming at him," said Longoria, 32, while promoting her upcoming film Over Her Dead Body. "Do you think that he is really thinking about Jessica the moment that he is about to get sacked?"

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Just a day after rumors of Justin Timberlake's infidelity to Jessica Biel surfaced, the ugly couple was conveniently photographed together last night. So we haven't seen the couple in three months but the second we hear something they are photographed? Are they that desperate for publicity? I'm still trying to figure out who looks more haggard. Read more!

Fellow Genius

Fellow genius and talk show host Sherri Shepherd made an embarassing admission today -at 41 years old, she has never voted. Being the airhead that she is, Sherri really didn't seem to care. Her excuse? She didn't "know the dates or anything."

Don't let Sherri Shepherd be a bad example to you, voting is extremely important and you decide your future! 60% of all eligible voters voted in the 2004 election. That's okay but it could certainly be better! Read more!

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