Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 SAG Post 1

Angelina Jolie's curtain-like dress caused a lot of speculation since everyone thinks she is pregnant with twins! And Brad Pitt is still looking kind of fug.

Ashley Tisdale and her fug nose made an appearance. What the hell is she even doing there?

Eva Longoria arrived back from her European trip just in time for the SAGs. Like the dress, hate the hair! Read more!

Be Proud, Bitch!

We LOVE New York Lindsay Lohan! The actress was seen clubbing two nights in a row for the first time since leaving a drug rehabilitation center in October. I also love her product placement with Ariva. Seriously, who carries a large purse with room to stash away a dead body but holds the nicotine gum for the world to see? It's obvious that her endorsement deal with Pro-Active has ended because homegirl's been sporting all kinds of acne lately. Read more!

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