Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Free Life

Recently incarcerated actor Kiefer Sutherland was seen enjoying his newfound freedom in Los Angeles yesterday. The actor was seen with a buddy smoking cigarettes and shopping on Rodeo. Read more!

Dying To See It

Mischa Barton attended the premiere of another movie flop in which she stars in called Assassination of a High School President". Mischa filmed the movie this past September in New York City, she must have killer credit card debt.I'm sure people are just dying to see it! Read more!

Not Too Good

Just a day after her friend Heath Ledger passed away, Ashley Olsen looked as happy as a clam at a Marie Claire dinner party in New York City. Homegirl is looking rough, I could see the rings around her eyes from miles away! I think Mary-Kate Olsen is really turning out to be the prettier troll. Read more!

Guess The Gross Celeb!

Which nasty "celeb" gave us this lovely view of her lady parts? For the answer.....

Tara Reid of course! The alcoholic drug addict stumbled out of a London club last night. Tara spends a lot of time in London because she thinks her celebrity is bigger there. The truth is that she's a joke anywhere she goes!
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Don't Hold Your Breath

Amy Winehouse has entered rehab - again. We wish her luck but I won't hold my breath! Read more!

Knocked Up

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are expecting their second child together, a close pal of Tori's confirms exclusively to In Touch. "They have been having so much fun with Liam, they couldn't wait to have another!" Though the pal wouldn't confirm exactly how far along the Tori was, she hints that the actress is in her second trimester.

The Tori & Dean: Inn Love stars wed on May 7, 2006. Their first child, Liam, turns 1 on March 13.

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Tragic Death

This picture was taken just days before the actor's sudden death.

While many of us are still shocked over the tragic death of amazing actor Heath Ledger, I'll condense all the news and speculation regarding him and his death into one post.

The New York Post is reporting that Heath Ledger and Mary-Kate Olsen were dating. That explains why his maid called that number on his cell phone. Mary-Kate reportedly went over a few body guards who arrived at the same time as the police. Heath was pronounced dead at 3:36 PM. The autopsy on Heath Ledger came back as inconclusive and toxicology tests will be coming back within the next few weeks.

A former assistant to Naomi Campbell is claiming that Heath and Naomi did drugs including cocaine and ecstasy when Heath first burst onto the scene. It should be noted that this was several years ago.

Heath's ex-fiance Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda arrived back in New York yesterday. Out of respect for the family, I am choosing NOT to post pictures of Michelle arriving to the Brooklyn home they once shared because it is obvious that she is going through a rough time.

Heath's family is insisting that the actor did not commit suicide, sources say that while he was depressed, he probably just combined too many different medications. Read more!

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