Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In news that is absolutely shocking, it is being reported that actor Heath Ledger was found DEAD in his apartment this morning. His young daughter and family are in our prayers. Read more!

Just As Suspected

Just as we suspected, Amy Winehouse is NOT really in rehab, her rep has confirmed. Her rep stated that Amy was only seeking the help of a doctor but will not be in a residential treatment facility. Surprise, surprise. Read more!


Paris Hilton has sunken her herpes infested claws into another victim - Jared Leto. Is Paris really that irresistible? We all know the relationship won't last long since Paris Hilton really gets around but the fact that she has probably fucked every actor in Hollywood and probably some actresses too, just disgusts me! Read more!

2008 Oscar Snubs

The list of Oscar Nominees is out and of course, there were plenty of snubs! "The Assassination of Jesse James," Keira Knightley and James McCavoy, "Sweeney Todd," Emile Hirsch are just a few people and projects that were not nominated. Over-hyped movie Juno was OVER-nominated, we get it, it's good but it isn't great!

For the full list of nominees, CLICK HERE Read more!

Amy WInehouse In Rehab?

After being videotaped smoking crack, The Sun is reporting that Amy Winehouse has checked into rehab... AGAIN! While I wish Amy all the best, I think she'll just pull a Britney and leave as soon as she can. Read more!

Happy Lohan

Lindsay Lohan looked happy in blue as she got sushi from a popular Japanese eatery. I can't believe people have negative things to say about Lindsay's legs, I think they are amazing. It's also nice to see her out of black and out of those leggings, blue is a great color on her. Read more!


David Beckham visited Sierra Leone yesterday as part of his work with UNICEF. Beckham, a Goodwill Ambassador, went there to draw attention to child survival in impoverished African areas. The soccer star conversed with children and of course, played some soccer with them as well! Read more!


Kelly Osbourne is "disappointed" with the reaction to her two-stone weight loss.

She said: "I don't like the way that suddenly now everyone likes me because I've lost two stone. Why was I a bitch before? Because I was fat?"

The singer claimed that overweight people are vilified more than "a junkie".

Kelly, 23, told Heat magazine: "I was always the fat spoilt brat because I was fat. Just because I'm a size 8-10 now doesn't mean a size 12 was fat."

Honestly, I've got no idea what she is rambling on about, sounds like a bunch of bitching about nothing to me.
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Too close for comfort?

Gisele B√ľndchen and Tom Brady braved the freezing temperatures of New York City to party at hotspot Butter Monday night. (Brady, whose Patriots just earned a spot in the Feb. 3 Super Bowl, wasn't drinking.) Just one problem: Her ex boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, was sitting just two tables away.

The old flames did not interact, with Gisele cuddling up to the NFL quarterback in a corner banquette while DiCaprio spent most of the night messaging on his PDA.

The Oscar-nominee and Victoria's Secret supermodel had a tempestuous six-year relationship. They split – for good – in November 2005.

As the night wound down, B√ľndchen and Brady left hand-in-hand – and DiCaprio didn't even look up.

Leonardo DiCaprio > Tom Brady

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Two Good Parents

Ryan Phillippe brought his mini me Deacon and Reese's mini me Ava to get some In-N-Out Burger after picking up Ava from ice skating lessons. Ryan recently finished filming on a movie called "Franklyn" which is based in a futuristic society in London where there is no separation between church and state. Read more!

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