Monday, January 21, 2008

Random Homeless Bitch

No I'm not posting pictures of some random homeless bitch, that stunning beauty is Kirsten Dunst at Sundance! Apparently men find her irresistible too, she reportedly sunk her snaggle-teeth into hottie Josh Hartnett while at the Sundance Film Festival. Read more!

What DUI?

Disgraced O.C star Mischa Barton has laid low since receiving a DUI and possession charge last month in Los Angeles. Debuting new platinum locks, the actress picked up all the swag she could at various gift centers at the Sundance Film Festival. This bitch is unemployed, don't blame her for taking all the free stuff she can get! Read more!

A Week Too Late

Singer and horrible mother Britney Spears visited the offices of Mark Kaplan, the attorney of Kevin Federline today for her deposition. Maybe if she'd gotten off her lazy ass a week ago, she would have visitation with her children! Ms. Spears and her shady manager Sam Lufti stayed for a few hours and then left, the two are expected back tomorrow but if we've learned one thing it's not to count on Britney Spears! Read more!

Daddy's Better

We've all seen Hayden Panettiere's hot mess mom Leslie aka Dina Lohan 2.0 but we rarely get a glimpse of her father Skip. To be honest, he's nowhere near as interesting as Leslie Panettiere but he must me awfully nuts to bang that lady every night! Father and daughter went grocery shopping at Whole Foods together. Read more!


Amy Winehouse was caught on video smoking crack! And to think we thought she was a coke and heroin girl! This bitch does it all!
source Read more!

Our condolences go out to Usher who's father passed on Friday. Although the person in the above photo resembles a man, that is not his dad but it's his wife. Read more!

Do I Look Fat In This?

Looking like a miserable bitch as always, Jessica Alba and her asshole fiance Cash Warren made their way through the Sundance Film Festival. Adoring fans asked the actress to sign autographs but she couldn't be bothered. Being a bitch is hard work! Read more!

Just Like Us!

Down-to-earth actress Rachel Bilson was seen feeding her meter after running errands in Los Angeles Saturday night. She was even seen carrying a "Good Luck" card which seemed to put a smile on her face, wonder what that is for! Read more!

Free Swag

Paris Hilton has been EVERYWHERE at The Sundance Film Festival. At least she has an excuse for attending this year's festival, her straight-to-DVD new movie The Hottie and the Nottie is being shown. We all know the real reason she came is for the parties and more importantly, the SWAG! When your grandfather hates you and your inheritance dwindles to only 7 million dollars, you'll take all the free stuff you can get! Read more!

Britney Dances

People Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears has begun rehearsing a new routine at Millenium Dance Studio for her new single, "Hot As Ice". The owner of the studio says she has an amazing dance planned out that includes a chair a la Stronger.

I'm pretty excited about this news but then again, we remember how her last three "amazing" performances turned out. There was a period of time last spring where Brit-Brit was rehearsing her butt off and I remember she began to look pretty fit. Lets hope she can do it again! Read more!

Free Man

Kiefer Sutherland was released from a Glendale prison shortly after midnight Pacific Time. While in prison, he was very well-behaved and is said to have "enjoyed" being on laundry duty. I'm sure he went home and got loaded to celebrate the occasion! Read more!

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