Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Matt's Baby

Matthew McConaughey announced today on his official site that he is expecting a baby with model Camila Alves. I guess that ruins any chance he had of a relationship with Kate Hudson. Should've used protection! Read more!

Hot Mess

Professional hot mess Britney Spears and her handler Adnan were seen all around Hollywood today. Other than the fact that she looks completely fug, she actually looks rather slim. The coke or meth is working! Read more!


Drug abusing actor Brad Renfro's dead body was found in his Hollywood home today. The troubled man was only 25 years old. The cause of his death is not yet known. Rest in peace. Read more!

Joel's Baby

Joel Madden has finally spoken about the birth of his new girl. On his official website, he writes:

Well I am finally home with my beautiful girlfriend and our brand new little daughter. Harlow Winter Kate Madden was born on January 11th 2008 at 3:13pm. She weighed in at 6 pounds and 7 ounces. She is 19 inches long and growing everyday already! She really is a wonderful addition to the GC/DCMA/DEADEXEC family.We are so blessed to have this beautiful little baby in our lives.I want to thank everyone for all the love and kind words they’ve sentour way. We apologize we werent accepting and gifts/cards/calls at thehospital, but if you’d like to send something, we’d rather you make a donation to the richie-madden foundation, which we started in Harlow Winter’s honor. She looks so much like her mom its crazy! She eats like a little maniac and shes really sweet. She barely ever cries ,even when daddy is changing her diaper, and believe me i suck when it comes to diapers, but im learning! I cant wait to show off some pictures, until then, THANKS!! and GOD BLESS….. Joel Read more!

Fergie Baby?

Rumors are swirling that Fergie is pregnant with Josh Duhamel's baby. That baby could either be very attractive or fugly like it's mother. The rumors started when Josh received a pair of baby Crocs from the mayor of Las Vegas. Let's hope it isn't true! Read more!


Ashley Olsen showed up to The Art of Elysium Black Tie Charity Gala late last week and looked eerily like the Ashley Olsen circa 2001! Maybe it's the hair, but whatever she has done makes her look about 14. I'd even prefer the multi-millionair-but-homeless look to it because this is just creepy! Read more!

Make That Money

Paris Hilton made money the only way she knows how - with her body. The heiress to only a few million posed on a boat in Marina del Rey yesterday for a photoshoot for Fila. She'd better make money promoting products quickly, people are seriously losing interest in her! Read more!

How Touching

The New York Daily News is reporting that Britney Spears found time to send Christina Aguilera gifts for her newborn baby. Gifts included a acshmere outfit from Baby CZ; Adiri baby bottles, and blankets and bibs from Booyah Baby.

It's so nice to hear that she cares about other people's babies more than her own.

In other BRITNEY news, she made an appearance at court only to run back in her car once she was surrounded by paparazzi. Her excuse? She was scared. As a result, her visitation rights are suspended until April. Just lovely. Read more!

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