Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How Will She Upstage Her?

Britney Spears' little sis Jamie Lynn Spears has upstaged her sister again! The pregnant teen's issue of OK Magazine sold 2 million copies which is TWICE the amount it normally sells! That's 800,000 more copies than Britney's August magazine set meltdown story.

Speaking of the Britster.. she's stayed out of the paparazzi's eye for a good week now. That's got to be some kind of record! Read more!

The Pair That Keeps On Giving

Kate Moss reportedly had a bust-up with new boyfriend Jamie Hince - after the 33-year-old supermodel received a text message from her ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty.

According to reports, ‘The Kills’ frontman, 39, was not impressed - and was furious with Kate.

A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “They didn’t speak for around 2 hours and just sat apart from each other glaring.”

But the pair didn’t stay mad at each other for long.

“Eventually they kissed and made up,” adds the source.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Kate wants to clean up her act in 2008 - and plans to to make it the year of the family.

Kate, who in November last year revealed she wanted a nanny like Mrs Doubtfire, is giving 65-year-old Mary Davidson - her pal Sadie Frost’s mum - her own section of her North London house to create a more “family-friendly” atmosphere.

A source close to Kate told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Kate knows that Mary being there will ground her and make her home a far more stable environment for her five-year-old daughter, Lila Grace.

“She’s so excited about Mary moving in and doing lots of cooking and baking for her and her little girl.

“One of the conditions that Mary was brought in the first place was to make the whole place more homely.

“This is Kate’s way of cleaning up her act for 2008. It’s the year that she wants to make her life become more family-orientated.”

source Read more!

New Daddy

Jake Gyllenhaal has moved into the daddy role rather quickly! Reese Witherspoon and Jake became one with nature as they took Ava and Deacon for a walk shortly before New Years. Ryan Phillipe can't complain because his girlfriend Abbie Cornish has been seen shopping with the children also. Read more!

Until The Next Hoe

Scumbag Eddie Murphy married his longtime girlfriend Tracy Edmonds on Bora Bora island on New Years Day. So until he dumps her for the next hot piece of ass that comes his way, congratulations! Read more!

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