Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Britney Dines

Britney Spears and some assistants stopped by Chateau Marmont yesterday afternoon to get sme grub before heading to her hair stylist in Los Angeles. Britney pays K-Fed $20,000 every month for child support, her hair bills must exceed that! Read more!

Holly and Hef Are Over

In a MySpace blog that was erased shortly after it was written, Holly Madison confirmed that she has broken up with Playboy Hugh Hefner. She has reportedly ben replaced by two fuggo twins. Fear no Girl Next Door fans, the show will go on... even without Hef! Read more!

The Singing Snaggle Tooth!

Kirsten Dunst has revealed that she is writing her own stage musical.

The How To Lose Friends And Alienate People star told The News Of The World she has already started on the theatrical work.

"I started to write a musical a few years ago and I'm going to get back into writing it. But I'm not going to say what it's about though," she said.

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Monday, October 6, 2008


Jennifer Aniston is reportedly being offered just over $21 million to star in a sequel to her 2006 film "The Break-Up" which also starred Vince Vaughn. '

You MUST be kidding me!! Her last 5 films have probably grossed a total of $21 million. Read more!

Jet-Set Life

After spending just three days in New York City, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took the kids and flew to their other home in New Orleans. Angelina brought the kids (sans Maddox) to a corner store where the kids picked up Cheetos and other tasty munchies. Read more!

Kim Kardashian Seeks More Attention

After being kicked off "Dancing With The Stars" very quickly, Kim is talking about (who else?) herself on her blog again. This time, the D-Lister is trying to convince us that she never had plastic surgery.

I HAVE NOT EVER HAD PLASTIC SURGERY!!! I am definitely not against it at all, but haven’t yet had it! Personally, lip injections are the thing I would never do—even if I didn’t have full lips.

I think lip injections look very fake and bad and I wouldn’t want to kiss anyone with stuff in their lips—so I wouldn’t do it to myself.

This is a picture of me when I was about 14 years old in a bikini. I hope after seeing this you guys will never ask me a plastic surgery question again! I have had a size C since I was 11 years old! So one day I will definitely get a lift, but I am waiting until after I have kids. Until then I rely on a great supportive bra! LOL!
All the butt implant rumors are just so not true and now just silly to me. I have answered dozens of times “no I do not have butt implants,” but people just don’t seem to want to believe it!

I have always had an insecurity with my nose... People also have assumed I have had a nose job, but I have not! I look exactly the same as I did when I was a kid, except my nose has grown a little. I hate the bump on the side of my nose, but am way too afraid to mess with my face!

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Different Leagues

CHRISTINA Aguilera isn't worried about Britney Spears' comeback -- because both artists are in different leagues.

The Dirrty hitmaker says she has been busy in her own "creative cave" -- and insists she isn't keeping tabs on what her old rival is getting up to in the studio.

She says, "I've been so sort of in my own creative cave. But no, it's a great feeling to still be in the game with somebody that you have known for so many years, even going back to the Mickey Mouse club. We had so much fun together.

"At this stage in our lives, we are so different I don't think you can put us in the same ball park."

Spears, 26, is due to release her sixth studio album, Circus, in December.

Aguilera's forthcoming album is currently in the recording process; the release date is to be determined.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The OC Curse

Poor Rachel Bilson seems to have fallen prey to The O.C. curse of getting little to no work. Don' worry Rachel, it isn't just you. We haven't seen much of Adam Brody or Ben McKenzie either. We see candids of Mischa Barton but only when she is making a worst dressed list. Read more!

Jessica Alba Post Baby

Another recent celebrity mom Jessica Alba stepped out in a floral sun dress in Los Angeles yesterday. While Angelina Jolie claim to have lost the baby weight by breast-feeding and running after the children, Jessica Alba began dieting and exercising as soon as she popped little baby Honor out! Whatever works! Read more!

Angie's Grand Return

Angelina Jolie has been out of the spotlight since giving birth to twins 3 months ago. The Jolie-Pitt clan is currently in New York City where Angelina is promoting "The Changeling". She amazed crowds with Brad Pitt on her arm and was already back to her (too?) thin frame. Read more!

Where Is The Love?

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are discovering that absence does not make the heart grow fonder. The couple, who started dating in early 2007, are struggling to maintain their relationship now that Jake is working 19-hour days in Morocco and London on his next potential blockbuster, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

"This is his first epic, and his mind is on his work," a pal of Reese's tells Star. "They talk on the phone and e-mail, but he's not 'there.' Reese is wondering if this is how it's going to be between them every time he's out of the country filming."

The relationship hit such a rough patch that Reese, 32, flew to London for a quick rendezvous with Jake, 27, at The Dorchester hotel in mid-September.

"They really needed to reconnect and remember why they were in a relationship in the first place," says another source. "While there, they even went house hunting for a place because Jake will be using London as his home base until December. Reese doesn't like the formality of a hotel for her and her two kids."

Hopefully, celebrating the holidays together "will get them back on the same page," adds the source.

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Miley's Birthday, Are You Invited?

Miley is celebrating her 16th birthday this mont at Disney Land. My invitation (along with Selena Gomez's) got lost in the mail, maybe you were invited?

* Billy Ray Cyrus
* Emily Osment
* Mitchel Musso
* Moises Arias
* Shanica Knowles
* Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

From “Camp Rock“
* Demi Lovato
* Meaghan Jette Martin
* Cody Linley
* Roshon Fegan

From “High School Musical”
* KayCee Stroh
* Matt Prokop

From “The Suite Life of Zach & Cody”
* Dylan and Cole Sprouse
* Brenda Song
* Phill Lewis
* Debby Ryan

From “Cory in the House”
* Jason Dolley
* Kyle Massey
* Madison Pettis

Older stars (25 years and over)
* Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)
* Steve Carell (”The Office”)
* Vanessa Williams (”Ugly Betty”)
* Sela Ward (”House”)
* Jennifer Love Hewitt (”Ghost Whisperer”)
* Kate Beckinsale (”Pearl Harbor”)
* Cindy Crawford (supermodel)
* Babyface (singer)
* Pepe Aguilar (singer)
* Rogelio Martinez (singer)

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Love Love Love Her

I tried to resist the Gossip Girl hype but I couldn't and the fabulous Leighton Meester is the biggest reason! The actress who plays Blair Waldorf looked gorgeous at the 15th annual Shop Til It Stops charity event put on by Marshalls. Beautiful and charitable, love her! Read more!

Lindsay Munchies

Fresh off the plane from her Mexican vacation with girlfriend Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan stopped at a local gas station to grab some munchies. Lindsay has been looking pretty thin lately, I wonder how she's doing maintaining her body while eating all those snacks. Read more!

Low-Key Boring

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake tried to go unnoticed in Italy but weren't so lucky. Jessica Biel was in town to be a bridesmaid for former 7th Heaven co-star Beverly Mitchell.

I never thought Justin Timberlake would become so boring, he needs some Britney in his life! Read more!

Spare Us, Paris

Paris Hilton’s new pop record has been inspired by Aussie beauty Kylie Minogue.

The stunning socialite said that she’s a big fan of ‘ can’t get you out of my head ’ hitmaker and wanted her second album to be a tribute to her musical heroine.

"I was really inspired by Kylie Minogue. I love her; I just love that European dance vibe,” Contactmusic quoted her, as saying. "The last album was completely hip-hop and this is completely different,” she added.

Paris also said that her new pop sound features few "tongue-in-cheek" songs, called ‘Platinum Blonde’ and ‘Paris For President’, as well as a hard-hitting song, ‘Jailhouse Baby’ – which talks of the time she spent behind bars in 2007.

Paris has been so irrelevant for over a year, with a new album and TV show coming out, I'm afraid we won't be able to escape the Parisite.

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Britney Returns

After a whirl-whind New York tour to promote her new hot single "Womanizer" Britney Spears returned to Los Angeles with paparazzi and fans hounding her. She doesn't look her best here but I have to cut her some slack, she was on a long flight. Read more!

Leighton Meester Gets Played!

Remember this recently Us Weekly cover where Leighton Meester spills the beans about her past? Turns out she wasn't even interviewed by Us Weekly and they manipulated the cover to make it seem like she was.

Leighton explained the situation further on an interview with Mike & Juliet. Read more!

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