Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Heidi Montag Thanks You!

Heidi Montag wants to thank you for telling her she sucks (and it's the truth)

“I appreciate people taking time to write any kind of comment. Do you know how much effort it really takes to sit down and write a comment? I’ve never written a comment in my entire life… you really have to have a lot of passion and thought to write any comment, so thank you.”

Heidi’s former fiancé Spencer Pratt, who shot the “Higher” video, had his own theory as to why it got the reaction it did.

“She’s so beautiful and she’s an unbelievable singer,” he says. “The quality of music and the music video has never been seen before.”

Well Heidi, this post took less than three minutes to put together and I can tell a lot more (wasted) effort went into your shitty video. So I win!

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