Thursday, January 31, 2008

O Rly?

Justin Chambers checked into the same UCLA hospital psychiatric ward that Britney Spears is in! He reportedly checked in for sleep deprivation and exhaustion and he checked out the same day. I never knew exhaustion could have you wind up in the psych ward, I think there is more to this story! Read more!

Ain't No Party..

Ashlee Simpson hosted her own pre-Super Bowl party, appropriately titled The Ashlee Simpson Super Bowl Party yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona. A party hosted by Ashlee Simpson three days before the actual football game, can it GET any lamer? That's a negative. Read more!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Katie Brings A Crowd

Kate Moss looked ravishing in a form-fitting pant suit as she shopped at a camera shop in london where she picked up a digital camera printer and some other small goodies. She brought the stores whole crew out as they were eager to help her with whatever she needed. Read more!

Homemade Hole

Britney Spears removed the boots that were seemingly super glued to her legs. She paired a red top with cute red shoes and some unfortunate red lipstick. The problem with the lipstick is that it draws attention to her horrible, oily skin. As for the pants, something tells me that hole was homemade.

Britney Spears is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluations from various different professionals. It's been revealed that doctors confirmed our beliefs that she suffers from bipolar disorder. Supposedly, she's been prescribed meds for her conditionbut no word on whether she's actually taking them. Read more!

Runs In The Family?

Kind, generous (and hot) actor Colin Farrell is going to be best man for his brother Eamon Farrell in his gay marriage, it has been reported.

All these years of speculation regarding Colin Farrell's sexuality and now it turns out he has a gay brother? Think it runs in the family? Read more!

Perfect Match

Brooke Hogan has been selected by ABC Family to be a judge on the panel of their newest reality show, America's Prom Queen. If you think about it, the match is perfect. Wearing too much makeup, Brooke Hogan ends up looking like a tranny/clown most of the time. The same can be said of some overly made up fashion disasters that you may see at your local prom. A match made in heaven! Read more!

Beyond Sad

People are STILL drudging stuff up about Heath Ledger's "sordid" past.

This time, Us Weekly is going more in depth with the story and telling never before heard details.

Heath Ledger's battle with alcohol and drugs was so harmful to his relationship with Michelle Williams that she tried to get him to enter rehab, Us Weekly reports in its latest issue, on newsstands now.

For three years, Williams was a firsthand witness to the gifted actor's use of alcohol and drugs, including cocaine, heroin and "a variety of pills," says a Ledger confidant.

In March 2006 – just weeks after the couple walked the Oscars red carpet and when daughter Matilda was only five months old – Williams drove Ledger to Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, California, the confidant tells Us Weekly.

Ledger refused to check in, instead swaying her with a pledge to clean up.

Even after the couple realized "they were in way over their heads," according to a source, and split in September 2007, two sources tell Us that Williams demanded Ledger be drug-tested before his visitations with Matilda.

When news of Ledger's death broke last Tuesday, Williams was inconsolable. "She cried and screamed as soon as she heard," a source on the Swedish set of her latest film, Mammoth, tells Us.

UNTIL the toxicology reports come back, all we can do is speculate. I hope for Heath's sake that things come back clean and his name and legacy can be cleared. Read more!

More To Donate

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt donate so much money, it's a wonder they have any for themselves!

The word on the street is that Angelina is going to sell her pregnancy confirmation to the highest bidding outlet. And of course, the funds will go to charity! Read more!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Children

With a Joker smile that would scare little children, Lindsay lohan looked overjoyed and orange as she exited Cipriani's. I wonder if she's back on coke or if she's drinking because being that happy about being followed isn't normal, even for Lindsay standards. Her outfit is pretty damn fabulous though, work that faux fur! Read more!

Too Much Herpes To Handle!

Both Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba appeared on TRL today, can you handle all of that herpes? The STD infected women who are both known for being on the moody side were interviewed for their various products. While Jessica Alba managed to get the audience on her side by putting on a fake smile, Parisite Hilton coudln't be bothered and the audience members looked less than interested in her. Read more!

Happy and Sad

Naomi Campbell was all smiles in Berlin where she spoke at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week press conference today. She didn't seem too phased by the fact that her former assistant committed suicide just a day before. Jade Bien-Aimee Sutherland jumped off a London bridge to his death yesterday at just 28 years old. Read more!

Eva Has Jessica's Back!

Talk about parallel lives: Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson both cheer a guy named "Tony" who wears a number 9 for a Texas team.

"When I first started dating Tony (Parker), I got the same flack, and this was so many years ago that people don't remember," Longoria told PEOPLE on Saturday. "If he had a bad game, it was my fault, if he got injured, it was my fault, if he had a good game, it wasn't because of me."

Longoria's advice to her fellow Texan: "You have to weather that for a while, and once people get over it, they kind of get used to you."

Simpson, 27, got ribbed by Cowboy fans when Romo, 27, had a bad late-season game while she was in the stadium, but Longoria says Simpson can learn from the happily married Desperate Housewives star.

"Believe me, they are not thinking of us when they are on the field, particularly Tony Romo, who has 10 linemen coming at him," said Longoria, 32, while promoting her upcoming film Over Her Dead Body. "Do you think that he is really thinking about Jessica the moment that he is about to get sacked?"

source Read more!


Just a day after rumors of Justin Timberlake's infidelity to Jessica Biel surfaced, the ugly couple was conveniently photographed together last night. So we haven't seen the couple in three months but the second we hear something they are photographed? Are they that desperate for publicity? I'm still trying to figure out who looks more haggard. Read more!

Fellow Genius

Fellow genius and talk show host Sherri Shepherd made an embarassing admission today -at 41 years old, she has never voted. Being the airhead that she is, Sherri really didn't seem to care. Her excuse? She didn't "know the dates or anything."

Don't let Sherri Shepherd be a bad example to you, voting is extremely important and you decide your future! 60% of all eligible voters voted in the 2004 election. That's okay but it could certainly be better! Read more!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Nicole Is Skinny Again

Nicole Richie looked fierce and fabulous after giving birth to baby Harlow Winter Kate Madden only TWO WEEKS AGO! We all had bets on how quick Nicole would lose her baby weight but I don't think anyone imagined it would happen this fast!I can't say the same for Joel Madden who looks like he gained some sympathy weight. Ms. Richie grabbed some Starbucks with Joel after being coffee-deprived for nine months. The horror! Read more!

Makeup Does Wonders!

After the pictures of Jennifer Garner looking very gaunt surfaced and sparked eating disorder rumors, the actress made an appearance at the 10th Annual I Have a Dream Foundation brunch in Los Angeles on Sunday. Makeup makes everything better! Read more!

Alba's Eye

Jessica Alba has been in New York City promoting her latest flop movie "The Eye" which is about a blind violinist who gets an eye transplant that enables her to see supernatural activity. I guess she really can act, she put on her happiest face for The Today Show but we all know she's a bitch in real life! Read more!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 SAG Post 1

Angelina Jolie's curtain-like dress caused a lot of speculation since everyone thinks she is pregnant with twins! And Brad Pitt is still looking kind of fug.

Ashley Tisdale and her fug nose made an appearance. What the hell is she even doing there?

Eva Longoria arrived back from her European trip just in time for the SAGs. Like the dress, hate the hair! Read more!

Be Proud, Bitch!

We LOVE New York Lindsay Lohan! The actress was seen clubbing two nights in a row for the first time since leaving a drug rehabilitation center in October. I also love her product placement with Ariva. Seriously, who carries a large purse with room to stash away a dead body but holds the nicotine gum for the world to see? It's obvious that her endorsement deal with Pro-Active has ended because homegirl's been sporting all kinds of acne lately. Read more!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Barack Wins

In a not so surprising turn of events, it appears that presidential hopeful Barack Obama has won the South Carolina Democratic primary. Coming in second was Hillary Clinton and in third was John Edwards. John Edwards REALLY needed a first or second place finish and is expected to drop out of the race soon. Read more!

Natural Causes?

TMZ is reporting that Heath Ledger may have died from natural causes. Although it is rare for a healthy 28 year old man to die like that, sources close to the investigation say his heart may have just stopped.

A less reputable source is reporting that Heath was snorting cocaine the night before his death and that he may have forgotten that he already took his sleeping pills therefore causing an overdose.

I'd trust the first story more than the second but we can only speculate for now. The answers will come in a few short weeks! Read more!

Shapeless and Ugly

In a shapeless and ugly dress, Rihanna attended the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France yesterday. In my opinion, Rihanna is beyond overrated in both the singing and looks department. RiRi was nominated for International Female Singer of the Year. Read more!

Halle Berry Bump

A very large-bellied Halle Berry and that bodyguard were seen in Hollywood a few days ago. Where the hell is her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry? I don't think I;ve seen a single candid with him since the announcement, he needs to support her. I'm really not liking the hair but I'll give her a break, pregnant women can be crazy! Read more!

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