Friday, December 28, 2007

Brandy Not Charged

The Los Angeles city attorney's office said Friday it will not charge Brandy in a deadly December 2006 freeway crash.

Spokesman Nick Velasquez said there is "insufficient evidence" for a jury to find the 28-year-old actress-singer guilty of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter beyond a reasonable doubt.

The decision runs counter to a recommendation from the California Highway Patrol that Brandy, whose real name is Brandy Norwood, be charged in the Dec. 30, 2006, crash.

Brandy was driving on a Los Angeles freeway when traffic slowed and her Land Rover smashed into the back of a Honda.

That car was involved in several other collisions. The driver, 38-year-old Awatef Aboudihaj, died in the accident.
Side Note- I never realized how strange Brandy looks!

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She Gets Around!

Lindsay Lohan didn't stay in New York for long, the actress is already in Italy where she will be honored at the Capri Film Festival! Sure she can act but her movies have pretty much sucked lately so this is some odd timing.

Lindsay Lohan and her friend Patrick Aufdenkamp enjoyed some shopping at Prada and took pictures with fans. Read more!

Her Fave, Y'all!

I may never understand Britney Spears' preoccupation with gas stations, she is photographed at them DAILY! She picked up Marlboros and a 5 hour energy drink which was probably a bad idea as she was seen driving at speeds excess of 90 MPH! The paparazzi even tried to get the singer to slow down resulting in three of them crashing their cars and one of them getting arrested for speeding! At least her kids weren't in the car. Read more!

Oh NO!!

Jessica Alba was seen (where else?!) at a gym yesterday and a tiny baby bump was visible! Jessica must have seen that bump and flipped some serious shit, double the crunches for her! I hope she can let her weight obsessing ways go and not over exercise because weight gain is inevitable. Read more!

Try Harder!

Between Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens, it's hard to say which wannabe Lindsay Lohan tries harder! Sipping a latte and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag and scarf, The "High School Musical" star got a pedicure and went shopping. YAWN! Read more!

Good Sister

Lindsay Lohan bought a late Christmas gift for her little brother Cody Lohan. She got him a new cell phone from T-Mobile on Wednesday! The actress has been enjoying her time in Long Island, reminiscing with friends and spending time with family. Read more!

Ashley Anorexic?

Back in 2004, Mary-Kate Olsen checked into rehab to deal with her eating issues. Now, an apparent 12-pound weight loss has outsiders wondering if twin sis Ashley Olsen is heading down that same hungry road, reports Life & Style.

It could be a case of unhealthy sibling rivalry surmises one L&S source, who claims that Mary-Kate’s getting more acting offers than her once-plumper sister. “Ashley’s hoping that if she can lose weight, she can compete with her twin,” said the insider.

Allegedly subsisting on a diet of coffee, water, salad and sushi, Ashley is also exercising nonstop. “She’ll eat, then go home and do aerobics to make sure she doesn’t gain any weight,” the insider said. “She does leg lifts and arm exercises and walks everywhere.”

According to another source, Ashley is also resorting to the counterintuitive fashion of the eating disordered, dressing in baggy clothes to hide the weight loss. That’s something Mary-Kate’s been doing for years. “They think that if there are no pictures of them looking like skin and bones, they can get away with it,” said the second insider.

According to the first spywitness, the designer potato sacks aren’t fooling anyone. Ashley is more like her twin every day. “She’s becoming as skinny as Mary-Kate has always been,” the source said.

I've actually noticed myself how skinny Ashley Olsen has gotten, granted she was never anything but skinny to begin with!

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Tranny Meth Face!

Fresh off announcing her engagement to "Las Vegas" star Josh Duhamel, Fergie was spotted in Brentwood sporting a big engagement ring. Fergie'S OUTFIT made her bear an uncanny resemblance to Mary-Kate Olsen if Mary-Kate was a tranny with meth-face! Read more!


Mischa Barton looked very sad after leaving a Los Angeles jail on Thursday and understandably so! Wrapped in a blanket, the actress made her way to her parents car who bailed her out. It's actually refreshing to see someone UPSET after getting a DUI! With the exception of Lindsay Lohan, every other celebrity this year had a non chalant attitude about committing such a serious offense! Read more!

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