Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sun For Fun

'HOUSE M.D' star Hugh Laurie spent his holiday in the Caribbean snorkeling and boating. Nothing like a little sun to cure that depression! I think this Writers Strike has been good for Hugh, he's been desperate for a break and it appears he has finally got one! Read more!


Orlando Bloom is about as far from a goth as you can get which is why his decision to paint his Los Angeles mansion all-black is so shocking. The house, which he paid $2.7 million for this August, is nestled on Outpost Drive in the Hollywood Hills, the same neighborhood that Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson call home. And both blonde starlets are reportedly annoyed with Orlando for his decision to paint it black, since most Outpost Drive residents paint their homes white to reflect the sun.

“Orlando went completely the other way,” a source tells British newspaper The Sun. “It’s a bit weird, but that’s Orlando — he’s an original guy.”

How come the hot guys get to be "original" while the average joes are labeled "weird"?

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Speak Of Mischa

Mischa Barton was arrested for DUI AND Possession of Narcotics at 3:00 AM this morning! DUIs are SO 2007 so I'm glad she got it done and over with. Seriously though, Mischa has to be a little bit glad because her star was waning and people stopped caring about her. They probably still don't! I'll post more as more information comes to light. Read more!

Guess The Ugly Butt

Which (young) celebrity's butt does this belong to? For the answer...

Mischa Barton of course! She sported some hideous, high-waisted trousers while doing some last minute Christmas shopping. She also returned to blonde hair after a couple months of brown.
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A Day Off

Britney Spears spent her Christmas Day out of the spotlight but she couldn't resist anymore! A rather subdued Britney and possibly a new assistant hit up a local Starbucks where she got a latte. You didn't expect for Brit-Brit to actually carry that latte did you? Read more!

The Big Family

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie brought Pax Thien, Zahara and Maddox to a showing of the movie 'Water Horse' yesterday. Once again, poor Shiloh Nouvel was left out of the festivities. I guess being the biological child sucks! Read more!

Mini Me

Lindsay Lohan is changing her sister Aliana Lohan into a miniature version of her! The two were spotted all over town yesterday and Lindsay even changed her outfit in the process. New York hasn't been too kind to Lindsay because ever since arriving, she has been majorly breaking out! Read more!

Maui Holidays

The Hilton sisters Paris and Nicky spend their holidays in Maui every year and this year was no exception. The girls soaked up the rays but Nicky Hilton looked a bit forlorn. Maybe this came from the news that her grandfather would be donating 97% of his fortune to charity which means she had better enjoy the money while she can! I think it's also safe to say that Nicky is officially the skinnier Hilton! Read more!

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