Saturday, December 22, 2007

Silly Jessica

Jessica Alba, the notorious paparazzi hater is said to be extremely irritated that the photogs are following her more than ever before. Here's a hint Jessica, if no one is even speculating about your pregnancy, DON'T ANNOUNCE IT! Of course people will now want to see your protruding stomach, especially since you are so weight obsessed it's frightening. Read more!

The Happiest Couple

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally returned to one of their many homes in New Orleans where the two spent some quality time on Thursday. If you recall about a year ago, Brangelina said that they would finally settle down in Louisiana. Well we all know how that went! Read more!

Busty In Brown

Lindsay Lohan looked busty in brown yesterday. To be perfectly honest, I don't think the brown tights and brown shirt work but I love the necklace. Thankfully after a hard day of shopping, Linds changed into a black outfit that worked better. I still think her post-rehab look is getting boring. Read more!

She Just Wants Attention!

Jamie Lynn Spears belongs to a family of winners! Her southern aunt insinuated that Jamie got pregnant solely for attention. She then went on to state the obvious.

Speaking out on TV news show "Extra," Spears' aunt Chanda McGovern says, "Whether she got pregnant on purpose or by accident she's wanting a little 'me' attention because everything's going on with Britney.

"I hope she don't take parenting tips from Britney."

And McGovern insists she's upset by the news her niece is with child: "Sixteen is entirely too young to be sexually active ..."

source Read more!

A Little Bit Of Firecrotch

Lindsay Lohan and a few of her friends stopped at Magnolia in LA to get a quick dinner the night before last. Lindsay might try to hide her freckles with make-up and excessive tanning and her red hair by stripping it of it's color but her red roots were clearly visible. Lindsay probably knows that since acting gigs are few and far between for her she needs to do something exciting. She probably isn't getting anymore DUIS or being impregnated so a cool new hair color will be just the thing she needs to keep her in the limelight. Read more!

It Costs

It costs a lot of money a lot of money for Mary-Kate Olsen to look this cheap! MK and her hipster friends roamed the streets of LA, trying to look important. Our poor girl may look like she raided John Lennon's closet but I still have love for her! Read more!

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