Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are They Giving These?

Are they giving record to just about anyone these days? The people at Interschop Records are said to have been so impressed by Evan Rachel Wood's singing in 'Across The Universe' that they gave the girl a recording contract! Anyone who has seen the movie knows her singing is karaoke and nothing to write home about. Maybe her 40 year father boyfriend, Marilyn Manson had a hand in hooking this up. Read more!

Pam An Addict

Which star is addicted to the drugs: Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Marijuana, Pills and daily consumption of alcohol?
Answer: Pamela Anderson

Someone very close to Anderson spoke with me openly about her fears for Pamela's life.

"She is out of control," the friend says.

"She knows she is going to die soon, so she continues to party out of control thinking nothing of it. Never does she mention her kids. Her marriage to Rick Solomon, nicknamed by Pam and friends as "Scum," was something to full-fill her immediate emotional needs. We have all known one another for years and nothing ever sparked between them until recently!"

"The 3-4 days a week cocaine binges are insane. There isn't a day that goes by in the past 4-5 years of knowing her that I have seen Pam sober. She won't even take care of her health properly and the drugs are only further causing her liver trouble," the friend adds.

"I have witnessed her using several drugs over the past few years. Including: Crystal Meth, Methadone, Ecstasy, Marijuana and her nearly daily drug of choice, Cocaine."

The friend ends by saying, "I hope she gets the message soon before it is too late. I am so worried about her and she won't listen to a soul."

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Halle's Berries

Halle Berry has never exactly been lacking in the cleavage department but pregnancy has broughten her to a whole new level! At the 'Things We Lost in the Fire' premiere in London, all eyes were on the actress as she was busting out of her purple dress. Read more!

Lohan Hosting New Years Bash?

Less than a month after leaving Utah’s Cirque Lodge, Lindsay Lohan is poised to make a comeback to the club scene.

A source tells the actress, 21, is set to host a New Year’s blowout at Las Vegas hot spot LAX.

But Lohan isn’t exactly breaking out the noisemakers about the gig.

“Lindsay doesn’t want to host, but she’s contractually obligated,” a source says.

The source tells Us Lohan took on the gig in order to pay back the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” she got by agreeing to host her 21st birthday in Sin City at PURE Nightclub (which, like LAX, is owned by Pure Management Group). Lohan was forced to scrap the July 2 bash to focus on her treatment in rehab.

Adds the source, “She already took the money from the birthday gig and can’t afford to pay them back.”

Her rep had no comment.

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Whos Mom

Which celebrity calls this woman "mom"? For the answer..

Sarah Michelle Gellar! She took her dear, old mother on a shopping spree in NYC. It looks like she is trying to make her mother into her own little "IT" Girl!
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Gwen Stefani and her posse (not the Harajuku Girls) arrived in New York City in fine style yesterday. Looking stylish in black tights, a printed dress and some Louboutins, the singer/designer went out without little Kingston. Read more!

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