Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Grouchy or Glad?

Colin Farrell looked awfully grouchy at a NYC book signing yesterday but as soon as some fans came in, his mood imporved rapidly! The always gracious Colin conversed with fans and signed copies of the book 'Click'. Read more!

Botoxed To Hell

Megan Fox and her botoxed to hell lips made an appearance at the 11th Annual Hollywood Awards. As if her gigantic, fake lips weren't evident enough, Megan found it necessary to apply some dark lip liner to accentuate the look. Her and Kim Kardashian kind of have the same look going on, they should totally be BFFs! Read more!

MooMoo Rich

Mariah Carey may be rich but you can never be too rich to wear the same unflattering purple dress a few times! Dressed like a drugged out hooker (redundant) Mariah made her way through NYC, she stopped by 106 & Park and was photographed getting her moustache waxed! Read more!

Black Britney

Foxy Brown got herself 76 days in the segregated unit because she tried to fight another woman in the dining hall, she gave major attitude to a corrections officer and she refused to take drug tests. She now must spend 23 hours a day in her cell coming out only for visits and showers. Read more!

Oh Really?

I guess you can forget those rumors that Reese Witherspoon and James Blunt are a new couple, she officially went "public" with her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal yesterday. How coincidential that their movie JUST came out, it's still bombing! Read more!

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