Monday, October 22, 2007

Who's In Paris?

Which hot actor tried to go incognito in Paris, France this weekend?

It's Leonardo DiCaprio and his childhood friend, Lucas Haas! He's been in Paris for the past few days sight-seeing and spending "quality" time together.
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Don't Let It Stop YA, Girl

The fact that Lindsay Lohan's new beau Riley Giles is engaged to another woman didn't stop LL from going out in L.A today. She stopped at Starbucks and then headed to tango practice, her boyfriend followed her like a puppy dog the whole time. So is Riley going to be the next K-Fed and revel in his newfound fame or will he make like Lindsay's old man Harry Morton and not be able to handle it? Read more!

Which hot celebrity had tongues wagging in Miami today?
Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen of course! The girl can thank her awesome body to good genes and some outdoor activities. She's one of those rare models in the industry who actually eats!
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How Much

I don't know exactly why the world hates Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel as a couple but something about them is just nauseating! As a couple, they are so wrong! The two hammed it up for the cameras while out in Brentwood yesterday. Note to Jessica: yellow is NOT your color, girl! Read more!

Stop Shop

If Britney Spears spent 1/100th of the time she spends shopping on exercising, she would be like the Britney we knew in 2002. Unfortunately, she spends every waking moment eating fast food, drinking lattes, shopping, crashing cars and humiliating herself. Brit Brit went on yet another shopping excursion yesterday, at least her Victoria's Secret shorts are cute! Read more!

Si Fashionista

Sienna Miller kept it casual in black at the 'Interview' premiere at the London Film Festival. Come on, Sienna! You're supposed to be a fashionista, step your game up! Read more!

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