Saturday, October 20, 2007

Get Your Eyebrows Did!

I've always thought that Megan Fox was a semi-natural beauty, remember her in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? I saw that and thought of her as the perfect Blair Waldort. After her newfound fame this year, she has shown up to every red carpet looking like a tranny! Add that to the fact that she accentuates those bushes she calls eyebrows and seems to have lost 20 pounds when she originally weighed 30 and you have a disaster! Read more!

Paris Is Over

I'm sorry to say (not really) that Paris Hilton's 15 minutes seem to FINALLY be ending. Yeah I know, it was more like two hours. She showed up to the Scream 2007 Awards with her signature "whore" look but the only problem was that she couldn't even work that look anymore. The paparazzi seldomly follow her, the press has lost interest in her and she is looking more busted than ever. Rejoice! Read more!

Fierce and Fab

Kate Bosworth looked fierce and fabulous at the Fendi Great Wall of Chine show yesterday. She worked a Yeti look straight off of the runway which isn't something that everyone can pull off. She's been looking very different lately to me, I wonder if she has gotten some work done. Read more!

Sexy Not Skilled

Jessica Alba attended the Scream 2007 Awards put on by Spike TV looking gorgeous. While there, she picked up an award for being the Sexiest Superhero. Remember, this is a men's network, they so weren't judging on talent! Read more!

She Can Eat

Britney Spears likes to eat and apparently she wanted the world to know. Pfft, as if we didn't know the girl can eat! In a strange move, she went to a mexican restaurant, bought a chocolate chip cookie and invited the paparazzi to join her. We all know she pops pills but I think someone needs to up that dosage, homegirl is nuts! Read more!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen came out in support of designer Jenni Kayne and her store opening yesterday. The girls who used to try and distance themselves from each other were looking more similar than ever. The only noticeable difference was that Mary-Kate Olsen forgot to wear pants! Read more!

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