Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh Brit

Britney Spears may have a lot of things going wrong in her life right now, but it seems like she has finally gotten her hair extensions to work! Too bad for Britney, that is the least of her problems. Yesterday she ran over the foot of a TMZ photographer while driving away. Under normal circumstances I might feel bad but any paparazzi dumb enough to stand in front of a moving car deserves to be run over! Read more!

Drunk, High?

Orlando Bloom looked very tired out in Hollywood yesterday. Maybe he's stressed for the recent car accident. Or maybe he is just hungover! Anyhow, Orly totally belongs in LA, here being a cokehead or drinking and being nuts is totally celebrated. Read more!

Poor Lindsay

Look at poor Lindsay Lohan. She spent her day on Thursday shopping and eating. She stocked up on bracelets and other clothing items. Do we REALLY think she is broke?? Also, did she drop 10 pounds over night? She's never been big but she gained a few pounds in rehab and it looks like she lost those and then some! Read more!


Hilary Duff looked whorelicious at the MTV Latin America Awards last night. Something about Hilary just screams "I try WAY too hard to be sexy" and I can't forget it. She'll always be tubby little Lizzie Mcguire to me. Read more!

No Mood

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can be really foolish. While entering their Los Angeles offices, they were in no mood to be photographed! We could recognize those midgets who wear questionable fashion choices from a mile away! Read more!

Who Looks Dumber

Jessica Alba and her boyfriend Cash Warren went out for lunch yesterday in Los Angeles looking like dumb and dumber. While Cash looked like he was skipping class from some private high school, Jessica looks like she raided Britney Spears' closet from head to toe! Read more!

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