Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh, Amy!

Sources close to Amy Winehouse have just called to let Holy Moly know that Amy Winehouse has been arrested whilst on tour in Bergen, Norway...

Watch this space - unconfirmed reports have said it is either possession or domestic violence - OR BOTH.

Stay tuned - maybe she'll shave her head, hit a car with an umbrella and show us her fanny before midnight.

Like Britney Spears, we can count on our dear Amy to never let us down!
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Our LL

Our Lindsay Lohan had a busy day yesterday! She started the day off by heading to Millenium Dance Studio where she practiced her tango skills. From there, she headed to Ken Paves Salon where she got her hair done, unfortunately, she didn't dye it red! She finished the night by going for a night on the town like a little rehabbed girl should! Read more!

Unlike Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria is proud of her Latina heritage! Eva attended a fashion event put on by Vogue and Mercedes-Benz. The actress is also in town to present at the MTV Awards. Read more!

Ash L

Also in attendance at the Saks Fifth Avenue cocktail party was Ashley Olsen, While most of the guests wore dresses, Ashley kept in casual in a cowgirl inspired outfit. She also posed with Christian Louboutin. Read more!

She Gets Around

It was only Tuesday that we saw Hilary Duff filming scenes from her new movie 'Greta' in New Jersey. The Duffster is currently in Mexico City where she will perform tonight at their MTV Awards. At a press conference, she brought back that awful beret we saw in late September. BURN IT! Read more!

We should treasure the time that we get to see Rachel Bilson on the red carpet, afterall, we may not get to see her for much longer! Since wrapping The O.C, she has only filmed one feature film with Hayden Christensen and other than that, she hasn't been doing too much. She celebrated at the Saks Fifth Avenue cocktail party on Wednesday night. Read more!

The normally stoic Kate Moss showed us some emotion on the red carpet for Swarovski's Fashion Rocks event in London yesterday. She gave her new bangs some more mileage and I definitely approve! Read more!

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