Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh, Really?

Now we see what can get Britney Spears out of those boots! A good old fashioned mugshot! Wearing a short black dress, high black boots, a Fanta in one hand and a Versace bag in the other, Ms. Spears headed to an LAPD station where she was fingerprinted and given a mugshot. Too bad the LAPD stated that we wouldn't be able to see our girl's mugshot as they aren't releasing it! Read more!

Frail Angie

Angelina Jolie has left New York City in a hurry! The actress was spotted filming her new film in Long Beach yesterday afternoon. Her new film is a period piece in which she plays a woman in the 1940s. Our Angie looks so frail, somebody feed her something! Read more!

"DUH" the Statement of the Day

“We’re starting to believe that when we see celebrities they’re supposed to look like the magazine covers that they appear on. That’s just not true. That’s 4,000 professionals plastering make-up and doing hair and wearing big gowns and air brushing. That’s not reality.”-- Charlize Theron

Wow, thats shocking stuff to hear! Did anyone else know that Hollywood airbrushed its celebrities? Charlize much think that we are a bunch of idiots. Read more!

Kate's Off

I'm not sure what Kate Bosworth has done for Hollywood either, but she is currently dating a hot male model and she hooked up with Orlando Bloom so she deserves props there. She looks beautiful to me but something really looks off about her face to me. Could be botox or maybe her head is just disproportionately large. Read more!

MK Does Chanel

Mary-Kate Olsen was too busy in London to be associated with that joke of a fashion show in LA. The twin took in a Chanel show with wearing a hideous curtain. Read more!

LA Joke

LA Fashion Week is SUCH a joke. Where else would you find Kim Kardashian, Bai Ling and Jenna Jameson on a catwalk?! Even if the latter was at a Heatherette show! So far, it's been nothing short of whacky and tacky and it isn't even over yet. Read more!

Be Real

Jessica Alba looked beautiful at Elle Magazine's 14th Annual Women in Hollywood event Monday in Los Angeles. She always looks gorgeous but lets be serious, what does she REALLY contribute? She displays lackluster acting skills, seems like a bitch and doesn't do much in the world of charity. Read more!

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