Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blow It

Lindsay Lohan unsuccessfully attempted to blow a bubble yesterday, she's way more skilled at blowing other things! I pretty much love LL's outfit, she looks like a Brat doll and she looks very warm! Read more!

Angelina Jolie picked up Maddox Jolie-Pitt for the last time from Lycee Francais in New York yesterday. His classmates even made him a good bye card which Angie was seen holding upon her exiting. Poor Maddox only got to attend that school for a month but hell, that is probably the longest he has ever stayed at any school! It has been reported that both Angelina and Brad are going to Los Angeles to film separate projects so maybe those rumors of them renting an $100,000 a month suite at the Waldorf Astoria are false. Read more!


I might have to see Hilary Duff's movie just on the hilarity of the outfits! Hilary continues to film her new film "Greta" in New Jersey. I wonder if as the weather gets colder, they will progress her crazy outfits into winterwear. That would be amazing! Read more!

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