Friday, October 12, 2007

White Boys

I think it's safe to say that Rihanna digs the white boys, It's also probably safe to say that Rihanna seems to be a bit of a slut!

Ladies’ man Josh Hartnett has struck again!

After romancing Scarlett Johansson and Helena Christensen, Hartnett, 29, was spotted locking lips with the “Umbrella” singer, 19, last night at NYC club Pink Elephant, a witness tells

A source says the couple — who lunched about three weeks ago in L.A. -- met up after her Thursday night concert at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square.

The duo, who were sipping Dom Perignon and Pink vodka throughout the night, “didn’t come together, but left together,” the witness adds.
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Orly Car

Orlando Bloom was involved in a car accident early this morning when he was cut off by another vehicle. Don't worry, Orly is fine, but just before he displayed some very odd behavior which can be seen on TMZ. He jumped into some random guys car and started arguing with him! LAPD said that Orlando had no drugs or alcohol in his system. Veeeeery peculiar. Read more!

Which bitchy celebrity wasn't in the mood to be photographed?

Jessica Alba of course! Good thing her boyfriend has a shit-eating grin on his face, we know he loves the spotlight. Shit, he probably CALLED the paparazzi!
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Stop Xtina

Stop dangling it in our face, Christina! We all know you're pregnant. If you're waiting for those big bucks to reveal it to some tabloid, that ship has probably sailed. She probably thinks that we will all lose interest in her once it is announced.

Ms. Aguilera shopped for a crib in California yesterday. Read more!

More Homely

Just when you thought Jennifer Aniston couldn't get any more homely, she did it by dying her hair brown for a role! Aniston, who hasn't had a theatrical hit in FOREVER is starring in a movie titled "He's Just Not That Into You". At least she finally gets it! Read more!

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