Thursday, October 11, 2007

Contrary to previous reports, Britney Spears did arrive in court where she did testify. It was agreed that Ms. Spears would be allowed to have oe overnight a week to be supervised by an unspecified person. A small break for Britney, I hope she makes the best of it! Read more!

And Now We Know!

The mystery of what was underneath Beyonce's turban didn't last too long. Our girl was getting a new weave! B probably felt heat for her old, not too special wig. We forgive her! She was in New York City to promote her NEW cell phone with Samsung, appropriately titled the "B Phone". Read more!

Also onhand for the Virgin Airlines Inaugural flight to Las Vegas were "The Hills" stars Audrina Partridge and Lauren Conrad! While he didn't sexually assault the ladies, he somehow got the to kiss him. He's a billionaire people, he's got bribes! Read more!


For years I always confused Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. Both were on Baywatch, both are trashy, they both have in-your-face implants and they both get inexplicably manhandled by Richard Branson! The two celebrated at the inaugural Virgin Airlines flight to Las Vegas. Read more!

Radiant Reese

The always classy Reese Witherspoon looked radiant at the premiere of "Rendition" yesterday.Unfortunately, we didn't get any great Jake and Reese shots! Read more!

Whats Under That Turban?

What's under your turban, Beyonce? I'm also too afraid to find out! Could it be that she's gotten rid of that horrid brown wig? Only time will tell! The paps ambushed the unxpecting star leaving the Waverly Inn last night. Read more!

Brit's A Mess

Britney Spears did NOT attend her court hearing today. Her lawyer said that her reason for not attending was that she didn't want to deal with the sea of photogs. But I thought Britney loved the paparazzi! Once inside, her lawyer met with the judge and asked for Ms. Spears to be allowed overnights under the supervision of her mom. The motion was denied! Surprise, surprise! Read more!

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