Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sucks For Her!

Michelle Rodriguez just got 120 days in jail! She must report to jail my Christmas Eve. Four months in a jail with all women.. can you say torture? Read more!

Forget That

With Lindsay on the road to recovery at an outpatient facility, reports are surfacing that she's cited mother Dina as a source of her troubles. TMZ has learned this is completely untrue!

According to one mag, Lindsay supposedly fired her mother Dina as her manager. An "insider" claims that mother and daughter have not spoken in weeks.

We contacted Lindsay's rep who tells us, "Dina remains Lindsay's manager and, more importantly, her mother."

I knew Lindsay wasn't smart enough to make that decision, who else will support Dina Lohan's coke habit?

Source- TMZ Read more!

Lindsay Dumps Dina

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan FIRED her mother Dina Lohan as her manager! For the full story.. It’s official: Lindsay Lohan is cleaning house, and she’s doing so by removing the negative influences from her life — starting with her #1 enabler: her mother, Dina!

In her first interview after leaving rehab, Lindsay spoke exclusively to OK! to say she was cutting out former party pals like Samantha Ronson and Britney Spears. But sources reveal to OK! that the 21-year-old actress didn't stop there.

“Lindsay fired Dina as her manager,” an insider revealed. “She is livid about all this press her mom is doing on this NYC apartment that she’ll never even live in; Dina even gave Access Hollywood a tour of the apartment two nights ago.”

“I am doing my best to surround myself with good people who have their hearts and minds in the right places,” Lindsay told OK! “That’s what I plan on doing.” Dina, apparently, is not one of those people. The elder Lohan has long been under fire for taking on the role of party pal as opposed to mother, and picking loser roles for Lindsay as her manager in films like Just My Luck and Herbie: Fully Loaded. That’s right – blink and you missed them. Thus are the results of bad motherly and manger advice.

What will become of Dina without Lindsay to fall back on as her bread and butter? Dina recently made Lindsay a sacrificial lamb when she signed a six-episode reality show deal for E! by promising that Lindsay would star alongside her. “No one wants Dina without Lindsay” the source told OK! flatly. “They tolerate her simply to get to Lindsay – the REAL star in the family. When Lindsay found out about the show, she went mad at her mother. She is upset her mom would use her name and sign off on paperwork involving her career without even consulting her. The two haven’t even spoken in weeks except to fight.”

As Lindsay weeds out the negativity in her life, one can only hope she’s truly on the path to recovery. As she told OK!, “Everything is different when you have a clear mind and focus on the right things.”

Are you listening, Dina?
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Tagged Along

Nicole Richie tagged along with her boyfriend Joel Madden on a trip to Australia. Joel's group, Good Charlotte has a few shows scattered across the country. While in town, Nicole has been spotted in town tanning and shopping. Read more!

Not Chipper

Lindsay Lohan wasn't her normal chipper post-rehab self when the paparazzi caught her with her new boyfriend in Utah yesterday. In fact, she kind of resembles DUI LL right before she crashed her Benz. Cheer up Lindsay and while you're at it, dye that hair back! Read more!

He Loves The People!

George Clooney is such a good dude! Even though it's been reported that employees at the hospital he was treated at leaked medical information to the press, he said, "While I very much believe in a patient's right to privacy, I would hope that this could be settled without suspending medical workers." Swoon Read more!

The Row

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen celebrated the launch of their new clothing line "The Row" last night in London. Also on hand for the event was Amy Winehouse and her husband Blake. As the girls age, they are looking more and more similar! It also looks like the ladies had some work done. Thoughts? Read more!

Kirsten Glamour

Kirsten Dunst returned from Paris Fashion Week to attend the Glamour Reel Moments party in Los Angeles last night. I don't know what is going on with her but she is looking great lately! New stylist? New make-up artist? Fix that snaggle tooth? I'm not sure what it is but she is workin' it! Too bad we all know what's going on underneath that make-up! Read more!

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