Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mischa Weight

Mischa Barton graced us with yet another questionable fashion choice yesterday. She shopped for clothes and stopped by a pet store to spend some time with a lucky pooch! Is it just me or has our Mischa gained some weight? I'm NOT saying she's fat but it definitely looks like she's put on a few lbs! Read more!


Paris Hilton is trying to clean up her image by going to charity events, but we're totally not buying it! The heiress was at Andre Agassi's 12th annual Grand Slam for children but we all know the only reason she went was for free stuff! She picked up thousands of dollars worth of gifts from the gift suite. Can't fool us! Read more!

Halle Berry looked beautiful at the premiere of 'Things We Lost In The Fire' in NYC last night. She stars in the new film with Benicio del Toro. Halle did keep it pretty simple but she's pregnant and she's already gorgeous so she can do whatever she wants! Read more!

Julia Roberts was seen lookin all homely in Los Angeles yesterday. Her face just screamed "You guys still care about ME?!" Julia has an excuse for looking that way, she's a mother.. and she's old! Read more!

Black Is Slimming?

They say black is slimming but I guess some things just can't be slimmed! Ms. Clarkson performed at Andre Agassi's annual charity for children in Las Vegas. Also, unless you are shooting some bondage porn, big girls should never wear leather! Read more!

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