Saturday, October 6, 2007


The always lovely Rachel Bilson was in France to celebrate at the Karl Lagerfeld/Lula dinner party today. She posed along Kirsten Dunst (surprisingly still looking good!) and Karl Lagerfeld himself. Rachel always looks cute but I think for a petite girl, that big pink dress was too overwhelming! Read more!


Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and "reconciling" with her dad, but some of these pictures look like they came out of a JcPenny catalogue! Lindsay is just itching to go back to LA and to steal Britney's thunder! Read more!

Jessica, Smile!

Jessica Simpson has worked with the Operation Smile organization for quite awhile. She couldn't be any more appropriate for this group, hate her all you want but there is no denying she has a nice smile if she doesn't stick her tongue out! Once inside, she spoke with Billy Bush, what a compelling duo! Read more!

For Once

Nicky Hilton spent her 24th birthday in Las Vegas accompanied by her sister Paris Hilton for the second straight year. As usual, even though it was Nicky's birthday, Paris thought it was necessary to try and upstage her sister inside of LAX. For once, I think Nicky looks better than Paris. Read more!


Looks like a bad fashion sense runs in the family! Britney's little sis Jamie-Lynn Spears and her mother Lynne were seen at LAX late last night. Jamie-Lynn even spotted miniature cowboy boots, someone make her stop before it's too late! Read more!

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