Friday, October 5, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's OUT!

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly LEFT rehab! We've heard millions of these stories but since the source is People I might have to believe it! For the story...Lindsay Lohan has checked out of the exclusive Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah, where she has been since August, multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE.

"She's finished the program," one source says. "Lindsay is done, but she may come back for outpatient treatment. She over-extended her stay because she wanted to. She could have been out awhile ago, but she chose to stay."

Lohan was photographed Friday afternoon with her father Michael, who carried her suitcases, leaving Cirque Lodge. "I will be there in her life as best I can but from here on she's going to have a lot of decisions to make on her own," Michael told PEOPLE Friday. "Now that she is going out into the world, I can only hope for the best."

The father and daughter reunited last month for the first time in three years when he paid a visit to her in rehab. "I'm enjoying my time with Lindsay and I'm happy to see and believe she's the Lindsay I last saw three years ago, before all this turmoil came into her life," says Michael. "I am trying my best to lead by example and institute important tools."

Of the actress's reunion with her father, Lohan's mom, Dina, told PEOPLE recently: "It can only help her recovery. It's time to mend."

And Lohan is already gearing up for her return to work: A source says she has plans to start filming her tango-themed move, Dare to Love Me, in Los Angeles this month. Plus, says the source, despite reports suggesting Lindsay is an insurance liability for film studios, Lohan has been insured for this film.

"Lindsay will start her life over," says the source. "She's gotten rid of the people around her who were bad influences."

Lohan's treatment there began in the weeks following her early morning July 24 arrest in Santa Monica, Calif., on suspicion of drunken driving after a brief car chase.

At the police station, Lohan, 21, was searched and a "small" amount of cocaine was found in her pocket, said Santa Monica police spokesman Lt. Alex Padilla.

Immediately after she was booked, her attorney said that Lohan, who had recently completed a six-week stint at Promises rehab center, had "relapsed" and was receiving "medical care."

A month later, at the time her lawyer negotiated a plea deal for Lohan in her DUI cases, the actress issued a statement in which she accepted responsibility for her actions and said she suffers from drug and alcohol addiction.

"It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs," her statement said.

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Sick Yet?

Are you sick of Britney Spears yet? What a silly question!

Life & Style is reporting that Britney Spears missed her first visitation with her boys Sean Preston and Jayden James due to a faulty intercom! The source says that Britney was awake and waiting and that Kevin's "people" called to inform her that they had come and that no one answered. When Brit-Brit asked them to turn around, they refused. Read more!


For a skinny girl, Kate Beckinsale has quite a booty! Kate was a good sport about getting patted down at the airport, come on, do you really think she's a terrorist? I think the security just wanted an excuse to touch the woman! Read more!

LL And Michael

Lindsay Lohan and her father Michael Lohan were seen at the Cirque Lodge yesterday. Some things never change, LL wore her black leggings and heels while her dad looked like George Dubya in tight blue jeans and a tucked in turtle neck.

Michael seemed more interested in his cell phone than his daughter, he was probably on the phone with the press divulging every detail of their visit for a bit of cash. Read more!

Brings The Best

Kirsten Dunst, is that you?! The normally doomy and miserable blob of an actress looked happy and radiant in Paris at Fashion Week today. Kirsten posed alongside Lily Allen and Karl Lagerfeld at the event. Then again, anyone could look happy and normal next to those two! Read more!

Look Up My Skirt!

Britney Spears just screams "Look up my skirt!" The "singer" gave us another upskirt.. been there, done that! And who cares about her boys, she's got London the dog to keep her company! I might actually feel bad for her if she didn't tip the paparazzi off and tell them everytime she went somewhere. Read more!


Britney Spears and her pup got some delicious Starbucks yesterday. A little while after these shots were taken, she was seen in the alleyway crying. Since we all know she wasn't crying about losing custody of her kids, I wonder what she was so sad about. It couldn't have been her latte because that looks delicious. Maybe it was about her new video to Gimme More.. she looks great in it but it lacks any plot, just her being a stripper. Read more!

One Diva

There is only one diva in this shot and here's a hint, she isn't plastic! Victoria Beckham tried to push herself in front of Dita von Teese while being photographed. Posh even had to be the center of attention when supermodel Elle MacPherson stepped into the shot. The three women took in a Chanel show at Paris fashion week. Posh, I know you never got to have the chance to be a model and you never will because you are old and washed up, but lesson one in modeling is not to try SO HARD! Read more!

Hilary Greta

Hilary Duff got wet and wild on the set of her new film "Greta" this week. The sunglasses have got to go, she looks like a blind woman drowning. Overall, I don't think the pictures are too flattering, Hilary is very box-shaped and the sheer top doesn't do her any favors. Read more!

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