Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pretty Little Pumpkin

Lindsay Lohan went on a rehab outting to a pumpkin patch in Utah today. She then proceeded to grease the pumpkin up, draw an ugly face on it and stab it's insides out like it was Brandon Davis. Read more!

Applaud Effort

I applaud Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for trying to be stylish. Looking like you've dressed in the dark and trying to find the most mismatched things is not cute! They were seen shopping in Paris and one thing is for certain, they spend a lot of money to look that cheap! Read more!


Vanessa Hudgens is revelling in the newfound attention she's been receiving since taking nude pictures. The poser/porn star can now add hippie to the long list of labels that she deserves. Someone throw this bitch some soap! Read more!

Alexa and Paris

Remember those pictures of Alexa Vega frolicking on the beach at Paris Hilton's summer home? Looks like Paris has taken to the young "Spy Kids" actress, the two were photographed in Toronto at a James Blunt concert.

Inexplicably, Paris Hilton donned a dark wig, hat and sunglasses. Maybe she was still ashamed to show her face after the whole David Letterman debacle! Read more!

What Would You Do?

So you've lost custody of your children to a wannabe rapper who is stealing your money. Keep in mind that you don't have a driver's license. You'd probably get driven home and take some time to digest the day's events, right?

Not if you are Britney Spears! Naturally, she drove herself herself to a tanning salon to get some sun and later that night she went out partying. I used to feel for Britney, but after this stunt, it's hard to believe anyone except for Chris CROCKER could! Read more!

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