Friday, September 28, 2007

Never Enough

I don't think we've seen enough of Britney Spears' crotch and evidently, neither does she! BRITNEY Spears gave us another set of upskirt pictures last night while walking into a party, she was wearing underwear. So we've seen up her skirt about a dozen times at this point, right? Read more!

Killer Heels?

Which pregnant celebrity was spotted wearing killer (literally) heels yesterday?
Nicole Richie of course! If there were any expecting celebrity to be wearing heels like that, I'd have to choose her. She's barely over five feet so she's had to wear heels her whole life.
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Reese Witherspoon lookd beautiful in black while dining at AOC last night in Los Angeles. Reese's new film Rendition with Jake Gyllenhaal comes out in mid-October, it looks interesting! Read more!

Nails Did

Just because Lindsay Lohan is in rehab doesn't mean she can't pamper herself and have people waiting on her! The actress took some time out of her "busy" rehab life to get a pedicure, doesn't rehab life look tough? Read more!

Gets Her Hair Did

Kirsten Dunst went to all the effort of getting her hair done yesterday and she still looked miserable. The hair wasn't much better either! Read more!

Hilary Duff borrowed from the Paris Hilton "I have no boobs but let me pretend like I do for just one night" collection at the 2007 Spirit of Life awards last night. I personally think a girl looks ridiculous when she is clearly an A cup but pushes up EVERYTHING she's got. Other than that the Duffster looked gorgeous and she turns 20 years old today, Happy Birthday Hilary! Read more!

Rumer Has It

Rumer Willis is known to many as a potato head. My question would be why the HELL would she want to draw attention to it?! I hope James Perse gave her free merchandise because she definitely brought some attention to the store's opening. Obviously Rumer's friends or hairstylists absolutely hate her. The only thing worse than having bleach blonde hair is having bleach blonde hair and big bushy eyebrows. Not sexy! Read more!

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