Monday, September 24, 2007


Victoria Beckham was spotted catching a flight at LAX today. With whom is she gracing her presence? My guess is Milan Fashion Week, lots of cameras to whore herself out to.

Posh Spice is said to be very disappointed with her reception and the general lack of interest in her in Hollywood. Gee Posh, it must be because LA is full of anorexic, bleach blonde, fake boobed bitches and they are much more attractive than her! Read more!

Guess Who?

Which celebrity doesn't want to be followed? For the answer..

Naturally, it's Lindsay Lohan. Oh, and she's also a gigantic liar who loves the paparazzi because they feed the attention fix she needs.
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R+B star ASHANTI lost eight pounds (3.6 kilograms) this summer (07) on the Master Cleanser diet. The pretty singer felt she needed to shape up for a run of promotional appearances for new film Resident Evil: Extinction and new album Declaration and so she spent a week eating nothing. She explains, "I did the lemon-pepper-maple syrup diet for seven days. "When I got really hungry, I ate fruit. I lost eight pounds and kept it off."

Because dieting and exercising the right way is so difficult, she'd rather not eat for one week and go back to dining on fried chicken afterwards. She'll have added it all back PLUS an additional 8 pounds by October!
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Pregnant Eva?

Eva Mendes was spotted with a slight belly bump leaving a yoga class that caters to expecting mothers. This has sparked rumors that Eva is pregnant. Who knew she was even dating someone?

Maybe Eva just knows that the best way to get some publicity is by getting arrested, going to rehab or by getting knocked up! Read more!

Vicky the next Pussycat

Victoria Beckham is planning to join burlesque dance troupe The Pussycat Dolls in her latest effort to bolster her profile in America.

The Spice Girl, who along with husband David Beckham has just been named the world's most over-rated celebrity couple by New York pop culture bible Radar, will reportedly make guest appearances with the raunchy spin-off pop group.

She'd fit in rather nicely, a bunch of ugly women who can't sing and gain success through dressing like whores!
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